WaPo Shill Gets Ready to Dox Libs of TikTok

by Chris Black

I wonder how they would feel if Fox News started publishing the names of abortion providers along with where they live and work.

When Eoin Lenihan published an academic study showing links between Jason Wilson, Jared Holt, etc. and violent far left extremists, they responded by calling it a “hit list” and succeeded in getting Lenihan banned from social media on account of that.

They are bottom feeders and cowardly hypocrites.

Every legal tool in the toolbox should be utilized to smash them.

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After Charlottesville, the judenpresse went on a hiring spree of “Antifa journalists” in hopes of identifying and individually punishing every one of the 1500 or so white men who stood up for their people there.

It was like Daryle Lamont Jenkins’ One People’s Project but with the resources and platform of a multibillion dollar media company.

You’d tune into primetime CNN and they would dedicate a whole segment to “EXPOSING” pepehimmler1488, the twitter account with 5,000 followers who committed the grave sin of calling a Jewish journalist Jewish in their comments.

I think the status quo see this practice as counterproductive at this point, especially as some over ambitious white liberals expand the criteria of who to harass to include Jews 4 DeSantis.

My prediction is Taylor Lorenz’s career in prestige media will be ended by this and she will be banished to Gizmodo or the SPLC.


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