War on Sweden: Sweden Erases Own History by Turning Viking Artifacts into Scrap

War on Sweden: Sweden Erases Own History by Turning Viking Artifacts into Scrap Metal
The struggle to erase Swedish history, break down Swedish culture and force the Swedes to assimilate into the multicultural phenomenon is going according to plan.
Following the revelations of one of its angry archaeologists, it emerges that the curators of Stockholms Länsmuseum have been ordering the systematic destruction of newly found artifacts from the Iron Age and the Viking period under the guise that it would be too burdensome to process.
Coins, arrow heads, ritual amulets, weapons, jewellery and weights that were kept in the past are now directly dumped into metal recycling bins upon discovery instead of being treasured and displayed.
The museum’s version
Following a recent surge in excavations aimed at construction that are occurring all over Sweden, the museum excavators are instructed to recycle unearthed iron elements into scrap metal following the pretext that “it would take too much resources to process, identify and store them.” The findings are usually quickly disposed of in order to make way for construction machines and building workers.
This was kept secret until this week’s declarations by Johan Runer, archaeologist at the said museum. He tried to raise the alarm before but only met indifference from the Liberal Swedish Media. According to Runer, this has been going on since at least 2016 as he recalls the example of an entire human settlement from the Bronze and Iron Age that discretely got levelled to allow road works for Sweden’s E6 motorway to progress. We do not know so far if this practice only incriminates this museum or is part of a greater scale.
Runer explains that the archaeologists cannot themselves auction the findings to the private sector as it would encourage crooks and robbers to then resell the treasure.
Sweden Destroys its History… It’s All Cultural Marxism

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7 thoughts on “War on Sweden: Sweden Erases Own History by Turning Viking Artifacts into Scrap

  1. If the current criminal Swedish government doesn’t want these then just give them to private citizens. The absolute evil of the people currently in power in Sweden has no limits it seems.

  2. Well after all, now that the Swedes are being wiped out and replaced with Africans, Arabs and racial mongrels then who needs to know the history is what the cultmarxists figure? It’s just North Afroislamozone #70

  3. It is correct that museums (both in Sweden and abroad) do deaccessioning & disposal. You can’t stockpile everything from the iron age and viking era that you find, at least not according to the Swedish National Heritage Board. This particular case was brought to Swedes attention last year. But deaccessioning & disposal has nothing to do with breaking down Swedish culture and “force the Swedes to assimilate into the multicultural phenomenon”. That is just plain stupid.

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