War with the monuments – who is to be blamed first?

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by Samvel Z. Harutyunyan

Yes, America is the greatest country indeed, a superpower, democracy number one in the world.  All the more so, it’s a high time to stop that monumental romp, and stop it as soon as possible.
Usually, a practice of erecting the monuments comes from the ancient times. Emperors and empresses, kings, queens and their family members, different kind of dictators in different countries and parts of the world, different kind of gods and goddesses, beasts, even plants, even insects and even pissing boys….. What is it? A fashion, maybe passion, and maybe people’s occupation from just having nothing to do? Oh no folks, nothing out of this. Remember other meaning or a word for ‘monument’ – memorial, and the root of this word is ‘memory’. This means, that all of the monuments were erected to memorize some people, their merits to the society and country, they served to.
First came a magazine article, that gave an idea of discussing one historical event or another, then they switched to personalities, and then it went and went……. There were many precedents in the world history, but I would like to stop on Russia, where exactly one hundred years ago a Marxist revolution has exploded the whole empire – it seemed, nothing could destroy such stabile and rich country, but that happened…. They also inspired the war with their monuments, and you should know that this gradually brought the Russian society towards the total Communist dictatorship, which stretched for decades – for more than 70 years. Do you know what they do now? They re-erect those monuments, and those which were completely destroyed – they were erected anew, generally at the same places. They wish their history to forgive them, as the monuments are parts of the country’s history, and you can’t do a thing with this, but accept.
They say: Confederates were racists. We must correct – those people, supporting the Confederacy in the U.S., they were fighting for the old system’s preservation – and the system was, unfortunately, legalizing slavery and slave-owning. Such was the history of the United States. And we must respect it, study it and be proud of it, because all those people, whose monuments are erected throughout the country, are also the part of what we have today. Yes, they also made America great, powerful and rich country. And they deserve to be memorized.
It is really necessary to stop dismounting monuments, to prevent the States from the unpredictable aftermath. To stop a real hatred, implanted by someone very clever and very prudent, those who divide the nation, and such men cannot be patriotic. This is our country, these are our heroes, and the monuments. This is our history after all. We all must respect it. And make America great again.

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5 thoughts on “War with the monuments – who is to be blamed first?

  1. The war on monuments is just part of Soros’ and the Satanic Elites’ divide and conquer/control plan. They want us ALL balkanized and hating each other. So far THEY are Succeeding.
    It’s amusing that the one Confederate General Statue I have NOT heard protested about yet is Generals Pike’s statue in DC. The only Confederate Statue in Washington DC. Pike was responsible for the slaughter of over 3000 Black Union POWs and their White Officers. Of course he also was the Head Satanic Freemason in DC in the 1870/80s!

  2. This is not about removing statues for any valid reason, it is about abandoning reason and controlling people through the use of abandonment of reason. (Just ask the Christians.)

  3. How about just putting up large Fact Boards regarding each Statue with a Historical Explanation/Information. We can’t destroy or ignore OUR COUNTRIES History. So why not use these as Teaching Opportunities? It would save money and time from all these Protests and have a Public Positive Impact. Those who forget their history…..

  4. Next they will want to destroy all the books and libraries. There may be words or
    pictures there that might offend someone, somewhere, at some point in
    time. Film, music and art must be done away with for the same
    reasons. Hollywood will need to be razed to the ground, it’s
    producers and directors arrested for hate crimes, in order to stop
    them from producing potentially hurtful or objectionable material.
    Network television must be eliminated completely in the event that
    even one person indicates that they were offended or traumatized by
    any of it’s content. Internet monopolies that attempt to censor
    free speech will be dissolved. Keep caving to these leftist lunatics
    and there will be nothing left to censor and destroy.

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