Warlord Netanyahu declares ‘War on Iran is Better Now Than Later’

There was never any actual evidence Iran even wanted nukes, and Iran had long been making better compromise offers that the US ignored in favor of using the “Iranian nukes” pretext to impose regime-change there just as “WMDs in Iraq” was a lie and pretext pushed by the pro-Israeli lobby in the US. They oppose the nuclear deal because they want a US-imposed regime-change there, not the US and Iran getting along and peacefully resolving their differences.


“Some people do not want to see the Iran issue resolved because that would contradict their hidden agendas, he said, adding that “people should have learned from their mistakes in the past, when all the hype over alleged weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in Iraq turned out to be just that — hype” www.reuters.com/article/us-iran-nuclear-iaea/iaea-denies-internal-row-over-iran-condemns-hype-idUSL1283850220080212


CBS News – Israel to US: Don’t delay Iraq attack www.cbsnews.com/news/israel-to-us-dont-delay-iraq-attack/

CBS News – Israel Prodding US to attack Iran www.cbsnews.com/news/israel-prodding-us-to-attack-iran/

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Attack Iran the day Iraq war ends, demands Israel www.thetimes.co.uk/article/attack-iran-the-day-iraq-war-ends-demands-israel-gnggkk7pzbw

It is as simple as that. I have seen the Iranians ready to accept putting a cap on their enrichment [program] in terms of tens of centrifuges, and then in terms of hundreds of centrifuges. But nobody even tried to engage them on these offers. www.newsweek.com/elbaradei-iranians-are-not-fanatics-80021

They weren’t interested in a compromise with the government in Tehran, but regime change – by any means necessary news.antiwar.com/2011/04/20/elbaradei-us-europe-werent-interested-in-compromise-with-iran/

In 2005, Iran offered a deal. We rejected it, refused to talk to Iran directly, and doubled down on sanctions. Ten years later, we settled for much less than what was originally offered. chasfreeman.net/lessons-from-americas-continuing-misadventures-in-the-middle-east/

The U.N. nuclear agency has no proof that Iran has or once had a covert atomic bomb program, it said on Thursday, dismissing a report that it had concluded Iran was on its way to producing nuclear weapons www.reuters.com/article/us-nuclear-iaea-iran-sb/iaea-denies-report-it-is-sure-iran-seeking-atom-bomb-idUSTRE58G60W20090917


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