Warning: Prepare For A VERY BAD April as Stock Buyback Blackout Period Begins!

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Here we go again. What began the crash in October is now about to start. The only way we won’t see a contraction in April is if the central bank activity exceeds that which the buybacks would normally be buying up. Of course, I will be tracking all of this for The Money GPS subscribers. Stay tuned. What do you think will happen?

It’s October all over again. What was funny about October was that before the second week was over, countless analysts and high level individuals in the financial industry were out in the media telling everyone this was all related to the blackout period in share repurchases and it’s going to be over soon, don’t worry. Then November came and it continued. Then December came and it got even worse. Then global central banks, pension funds, share repurchases, and the Fed promising easy money sent the stock market rocketing higher. This could get interesting.


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Why March’s ‘quadruple witching’ puts stock markets in danger of a late-month swoon – MarketWatch


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