The Coming Economic Collapse Will Push The US Into A 3rd World Country
from X22Report Spotlight:

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11 thoughts on “WARNING: THE GREAT RESET IS COMING, VERY SOON! — Bill Holter”

  1. Maybe yes, maybe no. It’s fun to see these ‘so-called’ prognosticators use “weasel words” like If, Possibly, Perhaps, Maybe, About, etc. which allows them to distance themselves when their predictions fail. I’ve read books from as early as the 1973 predicting some sort of financial collapse and the only ones to make any serious money were the sellers of these books. These guys are no more than carnival hucksters, just like those preachers who sell books on “End Times”. If you really want to make money, sell disaster and despair. These fear-mongers are parasites who prey upon the uninformed.

    • hm. maybe. they could have run this seven years ago, sure, and maybe they’ll run it seven years from now. but the economic and financial and demographic situation out there does look pretty bad ….

        • Well, I’d say given the state of the worlds economies, the positioning of Russia and China’s military’s, theres’ plenty to be concerned about. The outright call for a global world government and religion, as the pope meets with the un in october. The actions of our leaders….. God is not happy with their choices and has historically shown that very serious attitude about such things. I did not watch the video, don’t need to. Already well informed. It’s coming, soon enough.

          • Russia and China are positioning their militaries where exactly? And just who of any importance is calling for a global government and better yet, a world religion. I stay very connected to the news around the world and have not heard either of these being called for beyond a few on the lunatic fringe. Please cite credible sources for these claims you’ve made.

          • Russia just moved into Syria, supporting Assad in direct opposition to the US bs government. Google presidents who have used the term “new world order” and see the light. It’s all over the place. I think you are a troll, as no one who is really researching would make such stupid comments. Pay close attention to the pope next month, hint hint. Global warming is being used to enslave men, not protect the planet…..

          • Well since were calling people names like ‘troll’ and ‘stupid’, you’re a stinky doody face. By the way, there is no Syria as it was once known.

          • And just what is the term “New World Order” suppose to mean? Some nefarious end-time plot. I’ve listened to bloviating gas bags like you and dozens of others for nearly 50 years predicting the “End Of the World”. From John Hagee, to Pat Robertson, to Jerry Falwell, and Hal Lindsey. Those still alive have come out to a new gullible generation who will buy their books, CDs, and ask that they send money to ‘spread the word’ before it’s too late. When the Pope comes and goes back I’ll be back to give you a big horse laugh. It’s only fitting being that you’re a horses behind. Oh, and you’re still a poopy head.

    • Gregory Mullaley, my hunch is that the difference between those of us who respect folks like Bill Holter and you is that we are prepared to be wrong. Are you? And whose loved ones are better protected?

      • Yes, when I was much younger I was wrong, wrong when I bought into all the hype because I didn’t know any better. But after 40+ years of watching and listening (no longer buying their books, etc.) to all these self-appointed prophets of doom, I’ve come to realize that they, like a stopped clock, can eventually be correct. Anyone can say that some catastrophe will come, it’s saying exactly what kind and when is the trick (details). I invite you to really examine his past predictions for accuracy. People seem to over look numerous failed ones and only remember the few, if any, correct ones. Statistically, if he and others are wrong more than just 10% of the time, then it’s likely just good guessing, nothing more. Ask any statistician or con artist.


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