Warren Buffett’s Apple stake plunges in value by $19 billion in 2 days as tech rout continues


The famed investor’s conglomerate owns close to 981 million Apple shares following the recent four-for-one stock split, giving it a 5.7% stake in the iPhone maker.

Berkshire remains heavily in the green on Apple, the biggest holding in its stock portfolio. It spent about $35 billion to build the position between 2016 and 2018, meaning it has still more than tripled the value of its investment. However, its current $74 billion gain is well below the $100 billion level it briefly hit on Wednesday.

Moreover, Berkshire’s Apple stake represents more than 20% of Berkshire’s $516 billion market capitalization. That’s striking because Berkshire owns scores of companies including Geico and See’s Candies, it boasted $390 billion in net assets at the last count, and Apple is just one of the more than 40 holdings in its equity portfolio.


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