Was C0VID The Plan To Address The Social Security Shortfall?

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It’s been a not so well hidden secret that the US social security and Medicare programs have been running out of money.

And the situation hasn’t exactly been getting better in recent years, as the global government hyperinflation and debt bombs have ravaged the American middle class, and impoverished billions around the globe.

But now as evidence continues to emerge that not only are people experiencing adverse reactions to the C0VID vaccines, but that people like #AnthonyFaucci and Joe Biden knew about that, yet still tried to get as many people to take them as possible, it’s starting to become clear that a crime has taken place.

And as investigators are examining what actually happened, a report has emerged that suggests the #DeepState Governments knew that Social Security was running out, and the entire C0VID saga was actually their plan to address it.

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Certainly it’s a sensitive topic, and not one to be taken lightly. But given the context of what’s going on in the world today, something that needs to be discussed and heard, and is what’s the focus of tonight’s video.



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