Was FTX was a Deliberate False Flag Implosion Designed to take out Cryptocurrencies – Competitors to the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)

The PTB will be attempting to foist CBDCs on the people and bring in financial enslavement. Just one problem, there is a major decentralized alternative, Cryptocurrencies. They, the governments and central banks, will try and seduce the population to use CBDC. And they must destroy Cryptocurrencies so there is no competition to their CBDC. We must fight this Central Bank Digital Currency with everything we have.


Central Bank Digital Currencies – the Pied Piper

By Jeff Thomas


So what’s the attraction for governments and bankers so eager to go digital?

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Well, for bankers, the answer is that they’ll have the opportunity to phase out bank notes. Most activities on the retail floor will be outmoded. Since all transactions would be digital, they’ll all be performed by bank clerks on computers, without ever having to face customers. Additionally, depositors will no longer be able to store currency elsewhere. Depositors will be at the mercy of the banks, as they’ll no longer be able to make even the smallest transaction without passing it through the bank. This not only makes it possible for banks to raise their transaction fees at will, but it also gives banks the ability to decide what transactions the depositor is allowed to make, as the depositor may no longer have any alternative transaction capability.

Of course, many depositors will attempt to turn to cryptos, and there can be little doubt that those who don’t presently see cryptos as monetary freedom soon will. But it’s likely that, as cryptos become the solution to bypassing banks’ increased dominance of currency, banks would freeze or close the accounts of depositors who are discovered to be dealing in cryptos.

The depositor will then have to assess whether he can carry on his daily financial life without his bank account. After all, will his grocer or the station where he buys fuel for his vehicle also risk the freezing or closing of their accounts? Might those who seek freedom of commerce be frozen out of day-to-day purchases? It remains to be seen how this will play out.

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