Was New FBI Chief Blackmailed?

Good morning, I’m still reporting on: Was New FBI Chief Blackmailed?, 2023
Synopsis: It turns out that among the final rebel holdouts among the coup plotters in the FBI’s fortress on Pennsylvania Ave. is none other than President Trump’s new FBI Director, Christopher Wray.
Congressional sources have told the TruePundit that in the last 48 hours President Trump’s FBI Director, Christopher Wray has changed sides from the sheriff sent to clean up Dodge, to a black hat dirty cop who has threatened Trump if he releases the 4-page FISA memo.
Has Wray been threatened or blackmailed to get him to so suddenly turn into a last ditch supporter of the coup?
According to one TruePundit Congressional source:
“We think somebody threatened him – got to him. Between Tuesday and Wednesday he was a completely different guy.”
One White House source told True Pundit:
“The President does not need another [James] Comey across the street running the FBI.”
We have never felt confident with Trump’s appointee to replace Comey. Christopher Wray got his law degree from Yale University in 1992. While at Yale, he was the Executive Editor of the “Yale Law Journal.”