Was The Las Vegas Massacre A Covert Operation Involving Stephen Paddock, ISIS, And The FBI – Went South – Resulted In ISIS Terrorist Attack?

by Ruby Henley
There have been so many inconsistencies and changes in the timeline of the Las Vegas massacre, it has naturally made the public question the validity of what we are being told.  Also, we are seeing witnesses coming forward with varying testimonies of what they experienced the night of October 1, 2017.  
I, myself, have not been able to refer to what the witnesses have described, without using the words, “attack” and “terror.”  So at this point, I am going to call it the way I see it:  a “terrorist attack.”  That is what those, who suffered and died that night experienced:  a terrorist attack.
Did you know that the hacking group Anonymous has been waging a war with the FBI since 2011?  Surprisingly  it is true.  I am going to list the documented incidents in which Anonymous has hacked the FBI.

  1. www.nbcnews.com/tech/security/fbi-hacks-government-computers-anonymous-widespread-problem-f2D11603764  FBI: Hacks of government computers by Anonymous ‘a widespread problem’ – Activist hackers linked to the collective known as Anonymous have secretly accessed U.S. government computers in multiple agencies and stolen sensitive information in a campaign that began almost a year ago, the FBI warned this week. The memo, distributed on Thursday, described the attacks as “a widespread problem that should be addressed.” It said the breach affected the U.S. Army, Department of Energy, Department of Health and Human Services, and perhaps many more agencies.
  2. www.cbsnews.com/news/anonymous-hacker-hector-monsegur-turned-fbi-informant-breaks-silence/  Top hacker-turned FBI mole gives dire warning – “Anonymous” is one of the biggest online vigilante groups. Its members hack into companies and governments computer systems, and they prefer a life in the shadows, wearing masks in protests.  Now, a former top member is breaking his silence.  He helped carry out cyberattacks that caused $50 million in damages. In his first television interview, Hector Monsegur opens up about his arrest, and switching sides, reports “CBS This Morning” co-host Charlie Rose.
  3. www.hackersnewsbulletin.com/2014/02/anonymous-hacks-fbi-server-leaked-director-personal-info.html  According to a news published here, Anonymous group of hackers related to Slovenian has hacked the Federal Bureau of Investigation F.B.I, they claim to upload email addresses and personal information of Director to online storage site (pastebin.) Anonymous posted FBI domain email addresses and along with the passwords for 68 agents.
  4. www.newstatesman.com/blogs/the-staggers/2012/02/hackers-fbi-davis-call  Anonymous, a diffuse network of internet hackers, reached a new level when it intercepted and leaked a conference call between FBI agents and Scotland Yard detectives.

So, as you can see we have a past filled with battles between the FBI and the elite hacker group Anonymous.  I consider Anonymous a force to be reckoned with, and I am sure the FBI does, too.  I have always respected the FBI as the chief law enforcer of the land.  However, since Ex-Director James Comey stepped into the limelight during Clinton E-mail scandal, I began to see the FBI in a different light, and it was a not a favorable one.  As I watched Comey lie and even sign a paper clearing Clinton before he had even finished the investigation, I made my mind up I no longer trusted anything the FBI had to say.
And to worsen my view of the tainted FBI, the Honorable Charles Grassley sent James Comey a letter asking him to explain the fake Trump dossier and the FBI’s part in it.  The letter amazed me, as it was clear Grassley suspected Comey in a plot to destroy President Trump.  The FBI has created a nightmare for President Trump, and it has been one that has shown no merit.
I wanted to lay the groundwork for what I am suggesting as a new theory in the Las Vegas massacre.
First we have news that the FBI is now investigating the live footage Stephen Paddock filmed of the killing spree he allegedly carried out from inside the Mandalay hotel suite on the night of October 1, 2017.   However, there is a very interesting twist.  We have been told from day 1, Paddock was not involved with ISIS.  That narrative may now change.
The FBI is now saying Paddock may have used the hotel’s WiFi to stream the footage OFFSHORE.  However, the FBI is not yet saying just what international locations they are targeting.  Since Paddock was an avid traveler…to say the least…I would have to bet the locations are somewhere in the Middle East…just a guess.
Paddock had previously wired hefty amounts of funds to the Philippines, Australia, and possibly the Middle East.  Now the FBI knows Paddock used vast amounts of bandwidth during his stay at the Mandalay Resort.  The fact that it is being reported that Paddock committed suicide is also another facet of the footage probe, as it needs to be verified.
It is good we are seeing movement forward in the investigation, and I am sure this will encourage the survivors of that terrible night to hold on and wait for justice.
Now lets probe further into the theory that Paddock could have been a covert agent for the FBI, selling guns to ISIS, ISIS discovers the truth, takes Paddock out, and carries out a terrorist attack on Las Vegas.  Actually this theory makes the most sense to me.
Remember the gun-walking scandal in the early Obama Administration, the federal ATF “Fast and Furious?” The targets were Mexican drug traffickers, but unfortunately that operation went South, too.
The authorities have told us Stephen Paddock was a “lone wolf” living a secret life while accruing an arsenal large enough for an army.
There are not many photographs of Paddock, and this does not make any sense to me, as supposedly he made huge sums of money gambling.  We know there are cams inside every casino that exists, so where is the footage of Paddock?  We definitely need that from the night of October 1, 2017.
Did Paddock lure ISIS agents to Las Vegas to sell them arms?  Did the covert operation bomb when ISIS discovered it was a set up?  Then ISIS shot Paddock, and carried out the terrorist attack on Las Vegas they had threatened some months back?  
If this is true, of course, to save face, ISIS is going to claim he was a convert to Islam.
The fact is this attack was most likely planned to be a lot worse when you consider what materials were found to belong to Paddock.  That is not an appropriate thing to say to the victims of the Las Vegas massacre, because for them it could not get worse.  As I am saying this, a vision of the cowboy boots worn by so many of the victims just flashed in my mind.  The killing fields just hit me, remembering the video I can never forget.
I listed it in my last article, but I am going to list it here, too.  It is one everyone needs to watch, and when you do, you will understand the all encompassing horror of that night.

squawker.org/world/graphic-there-are-no-emts-breaking-footage-shows-aftermath-of-las-vegas-shooting/ QUOTE
In breaking footage that has been banned from YouTube due to its graphic content and was uploaded to LiveLeak on October 1, 2017, a man present at the shooting scene took a video of the bloody aftermath wrought by the Las Vegas shooting. He surveys the scene with light commentary, moving victim from victim to check for survivors that could be aided by medics at the site. The scene is graphic to the point where even LiveLeak placed a content warning label on the video’s page of origin.
Some have decried the video as weird, or have questioned its legitimacy due to the awkward, sporadic nature of the cameraman, notably in the manner that he just sort of stumbles from body to body without doing anything helpful. What is also noticeable in this footage is the constant cries heard in the video for nurses and EMTs, as presumably none can be found at the scene.
In the video, all lights have been shut off, and when the cameraman asks an official (off-camera) why lights have been shut off, the official replies, saying, “everybody on the ground is deceased.”
This statement, of course, was proven false before the cameraman had asked, as footage of living persons on the ground, suffering from gunshot wounds, is evident in the above video. Moreover, the lack of medical professionals at the scene can be attributed to the statement repeated by the off-screen authority, “everybody on the ground is deceased.” This presumably led to medical professionals at the scene to neglect suffering persons on the ground under orders receive from their hierarchy. This is somewhat hinted at by the line of questioning espoused by the cameraman.
Where did this authority receive this information? Who had broadcasted that “everybody on the ground is deceased?” And why were all lights shut off long after the shooter had committed suicide? Much information has not yet been released, and much of this tragic, violent event remains shrouded in mystery.END OF QUOTE
In my opinion, this video is the most important piece of evidence in this investigation.  It shows the lack of preparation by those responsible for the safety of those at the concert.  Further it shows lack of  response by the city of Las Vegas to the victims of the shooting.  While this hero on the killing fields of Las Vegas was attempting to assess and triage the victims alone, someone in charge actually turned the lights out.
The evil party who did this said that all on the field were deceased, and this was untrue.  Further at that point no one in authority had EMTs to assess those laying on the field.  Every attorney out there fighting for the rights of these victims should have this video as a piece of evidence.  I am going to list it again, as it is that important.

I will never forget the first words spoken by the hero trying to assess those victims, who had no one to help them.  Those words were, “Are you good, Brother?”
Reports indicate that the materials found in Paddock’s car included 1,600 rounds of ammunition, fertilizer that could be used to make explosives, and 50 pounds of the explosive substance Tannerite. He had 23 weapons in the hotel room and had reportedly bought 33 guns in the past year. This guy was the perfect operative to be used in undercover stings. He had everything they needed to carry out major terrorist acts.
Please consider the following article by the NEW YORK TIMES:
“At least 40 agencies use covert operatives to investigate everything from tax cheating and welfare fraud to Supreme Court demonstrations.”
Paddock’s recruitment by the FBI or another federal agency would have been a closely-guarded secret. His family and girlfriend would not have known about it. They would claim ignorance of his “secret life.”
These are difficult matters to consider. Perhaps that is why the White House is pandering to the “gun control” crowd with talk of banning so-called “bump stocks” for semi-automatics. This is how Washington avoids the topic of corruption in federal agencies. This will become a “bipartisan” feel-good moment.
Whether the Vegas massacre was a federal sting operation gone bad, like Fast and Furious, we may never know. But many unanswered questions remain.
We don’t have all the pieces of the puzzle and, if something like this did happen, there will be great resistance to knowing and understanding the facts. But the involvement of the FBI and other federal agencies in the ongoing “investigation” means that they will take command and control and be in a position to engineer a cover-up regarding any ties Paddock may have had with them.
Interestingly enough, the results of the analysis of Stephen Paddock’s brain tissue came back negative.  Joe Lombardo said an exam of Paddock’s brain has revealed ‘no abnormalities’ while girlfriend Marilou Danley had ‘no concerns’ over his mental health.
Detectives have contacted every branch of Paddock’s family tree, including both his ex-wives, but have no uncovered anything that would explain his murderous actions.
We may never know the truth, then again…the Lord may have His way and shine His light on the killing fields of Las Vegas.


29 thoughts on “Was The Las Vegas Massacre A Covert Operation Involving Stephen Paddock, ISIS, And The FBI – Went South – Resulted In ISIS Terrorist Attack?

  1. Ms. Henley, you are back with another timely and interesting report. Paddock could have been Antifa or an ISIS convert, or an FBI gun running operation gone bad. Just for the record, I trust Wikileaks much more than Anonymous, many groups go by this moniker, some that could be trustworthy and others not so much. A whistle blower leaker with actual emails provided to Wikileaks to this operation would be very advantageous.

    • Apollo, I am following a winding road to hell I think. There are so many twists and turns here….the thing I cannot figure out is there are no pics of Paddock gambling. Maybe they have not released them, but there had better be some, as if they are not, why should we even believe he was there. We cannot believe the valet, as he has disappeared, there is no one who can say they spoke with Paddock that night. There was a call supposedly he made to the desk asking that the people near him tone it down, can you imagine that? There were two orders that night for dinner, but do we even know or have proof it was him? If it turns out to be him, then I think the theory of the FBI STING gone bad might make sense. Although, again, it is difficult to believe that ISIS or anyone could do a gun deal right there at the Mandalay in front of everyone….I am looking at all theories, but Apollo….one thing I will not change is the fact there was bloodshed bigtime. In the end of it all, it was basically a blood sacrifice to Satan…no matter the details. But none of it makes sense. We know, too, the Mandalay and the city of Las Vegas was negligent in caring for the victims. Plus, we have to realize at this time there were more shooters than the guy in Mandalay. No matter what happened it was a terrorist attack for those who suffered.

      • To paraphrase Winston Churchill about Russia: it “is a puzzle inside a riddle wrapped in an enigma.” If I gave you a billion dollar black ops budget, enlisted MGM the movie studio that actually owns Mandalay Bay, enlist special government DHS/CIA/FBI who understand running psychological misdirections and disinformation campaigns, even Ruby Heney could fake this incident. Remember, in 2013 the NDAA Admendment authorized propaganda use against the American people just like the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany, but neither of those regimes has CGI and sophisticated editing techniques. If it was a fake, each actor received $250k minimum that is not much in a Federal Budget of $4 trillion, peanuts. It could be the that Paddock and the official story is true, possibly Anti-Trump ANTIFA. To me, there is too many divergent stories being reported as part of a disinformation campaign with almost ZERO evidence to back up these divergent claims, except the multiple shooters audio that could have been recorded and all part of the plan to deceive.

        • Don’t forgit the time line bein ALL screwed up , so simple to git right proves it is a conspiracy. Also I read someone’s comment sayin he read the Valet, who refuted Paddocks arrival date got murdered. Keep a eye out for that if it does exist!

          • These crisis actors disappearing could be all part of the script. Every single misdirection data point leads down a different dead end rabbit hole. Honest researchers or honest journalists are kept confused and guessing, asking nonsensical questions when the most elemental answer that the event was complete hoax, Occams razor.

        • Apollo, I am getting to the point, am actually considering you could be right. Mac,, just told me on another
          thread that the valet who parked Paddock’s car has died.

          • Don’t get discouraged. Pick your spots. The global corruptocracy has billions to work with and controls all the mainstream media. If you have gotten this far, and can even entertain the possibility of multiple scenarios you are among a very elite few in the country that aren’t asleep and back to their daily grind on the treadmill.

      • Remember, this is their ultimate goal: “”Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will pledge with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government.” Henry Kissinger in an address to the Bilderberger meeting at Evian, France, May 21, 1992.

      • Ruby, I spent even more time doing forensics on my computer today. For no particular reason.
        The distance to the fuel tanks was 980 yards or there abouts. With a 145 grain Incendiary 7.62 Nato (.308) leaving the muzzle at approx 2500 fps the shooter would have had to aim about 33 FEET over the tanks to lob a lucky bullet into them.
        I already showed that the caliber hole was made by a 30 cal bullet.
        Every thing I have researched show a single shooter from the Mandaly Bay.
        The video of time signitures is very flawed and does not prove multiple shooters.
        If you now “realize there were more shooters” as stated above, please let me have a crack at the evidence….
        Cause I ain’t seein it!

    • Arcturus, the most provocative video I could find was the one of the man trying to triage and assess by himself on that field. It said so much that we need to process. In the real world, there would have been ambulances, EMTs, paramedics, and officials investigating and the usual scene we are used to seeing in horrific attacks such as this one. What happened? Where were those trained to care for victims such as those in that field? Where were they? It makes no sense.

    • Arcturus, I found the following article, and honestly, I cannot understand at all. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/10/15/us/las-vegas-shooting-civilian-first-aid.html In the days after the shootings at the Route 91 Harvest festival in Las Vegas, many stories emerged of bystander courage. Volunteers combed the grounds for survivors and carried out the injured. Strangers used belts as makeshift tourniquets to stanch bleeding, and then others sped the wounded to hospitals in the back seats of cars and the beds of pickup trucks.
      These rescue efforts took place before the county’s emergency medical crews, waylaid by fleeing concertgoers, reached the grassy field, an estimated half-hour or more after the shooting began. When they did arrive, the local fire chief said in an interview, only the dead remained.
      “Everybody was treating patients and trying to get there,” Chief Gregory Cassell of the Clark County Fire Department, said of his personnel. “They just couldn’t.”

      • I saw a video where one man was trying to help. He came to one victim who was allegedly shot, but said he could not find an entry or exit wound and moved on.

  2. Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh. Please answer ONE question;
    Since the US and Israel created, armed, fund, train, and supply ‘ISIS’, why would they attack us?
    Staged event. They’ve upped the ante since frauds like Sandy Hoax, Orlando, San Bernardino, etc., were so transparent, what’s killing a few sheep mixed in with Crisis Actors, for good measure?

    • Occams, sometimes things are what they are. I am a trained EMT, and i will stand by this. It was an attack, and real blood was shed, people died, and there are people who will never sleep again with waking up to a nightmare. Post traumatic stress syndrome will haunt them for the rest of their lives. I have been with someone dying from a gunshot to the head…I feel I am qualified to call this. However, I am especially sensitive to this type of thing, so I am not ruling out I could be wrong. However,, if I am…we are in a deception that is so evil, I really don’t see why we even try to figure it out.

      • And I will bet I have waaaaay more ‘practical’ experience than you, and I will side with the 3 trauma surgeon’s opinions and observations – two of them combat surgeons.
        Second. I AGREE. As I have stated, I believe a FEW sheep were sacrificed here, because too many were catching on to their little Drills Gone Live, like Sandy Hoax and Boston, but something like San Bernardino? That’s someone’s agenda? Who can say? MANY reported (of course, ignored by MSM) “3, White, paramilitary type gunmen” (just like Paris).
        Whoever it was in San Bernardino, it certainly wasn’t the two they murdered, who’d ”recently pledged to ISIS!!!!” (BE VEWWWWWRY AFWAID!)
        *NOTE: If you study the photo of the 2 murdered San Bernardino ‘terrorists’, lying on the street (if you have the experience you claim), please explain ALL the horrible bruising and contusions, up and down their arms, from the handcuffs! If these people were supposedly killed INSIDE their car, then handcuffed “for safety”, there’d be NO MARKS.
        Know what I see?
        UNBELIEVABLE FEAR AND TERROR, while, when handcuffed, they realized they were going to be murdered as patsies!
        Sorry – I didn’t buy into The Official Lie
        And if you have the claimed experience, then you KNOW 600 PEOPLE DID NOT GO TO THE HOSPITAL WITH A 100% SURVIVAL AND RELEASE RATE!!!! That’s just 100% impossible, and ludicrous to believe otherwise (and where are these 600 victim’s videos, capitalizing on this event!?? So far, I have seen THREE: Two capitalizing, ONE asking why the FBI has no interest in his story of being shot FROM INSIDE THE VENUE!!!)
        I’ll bet my last dollar that the ‘shooter’ was a 100% setup, and had not a thing to do with this (so where did the ’13’ Paddock have tattoo’d on his neck go in the Death Photo?).
        Puuuuleeeeeaseeee. Enough with the ‘terrorist’ nonsense. Even Amerikans have figured out the USA is ISIS, with the US military fighting alongside. And if Amerikans have caught on, well, then everyone else knew a lonnng time ago (much like 9/11), and if ‘they’ are here, then they’re here being trained by the US military for their return. They aren’t setting up deals, and CERTAINLY aren’t biting the hand that feeds them!
        More videos – like this:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxDotdijP5Y
        are hitting the web. Explain the bodies coming out of Hooters? Explain ….the 16? ambulances (did they kill people there and PLANT THEM at the concert?
        I’ll tell you where you go wrong. You cannot believe there are such sick fucking people out there, who won’t stop until their agenda is fulfilled.
        And that’s good on you, because you don’t think that way, but that is what is known as the Normalcy Bias. But because YOU can’t do it, one needs to understand that – as I believe – almost every politicians, cop, or alphabet agency clown WOULD do this, and sleep quite well at night!
        Stop looking for some ‘terrorist!’/Paddock boogieman connection, and start instead considering ”who are the most evil, dangerous, sick, twisted, corrupt, odious people on earth?”
        The US and Israeli governments.
        I think 2+2 will add up more quickly

        • 16 ambulances were parked away from the event venue, farthest away. Where is there any video evidence of bodies coming out of Hooters. Everything is hearsay testimony that can be fabricated. The whole event was another hoax like Sandy Hook and Orlando.

        • You make a good point that I have been asking. I find it hard to believe the death count has NOT gone up in the last two weeks! Thankfully it hasn’t, but surely it would have with 500 wounded!

          • Mac, I will try to find validation that the valet has been killed. If he has that indicates to me he literally must have told the truth about Paddock.

          • I have seen a comment on a completely different article with the commenter saying that the Valet was missing. Who KNOWS? Only two I have seen so far.

        • If, you are right, why are we even doing these posts? Tell me that. Basically we would be living in some type of simulation. If this is true, why do we bother to even discuss these things, why? We need to be sitting down in a group trying to figure out how to take our country back….not discussing fake news. Why do yu guys even bother to read these threads, if all of these events are simulated games? You guys must tell me what experience yu have had in yur lives to prepare you for this. Please, if this is true, where do we go next?

          • (Sorry – this is going to be long)
            I honestly don’t know, Ruby.
            For awhile, I used to think the SpecWar Groups would start to get organized, but hey! Ya’ know what?
            They’re busy killing civilians in Syria, Yemen, and many African countries, fighting alongside the ‘dreaded ISIS!!’ and ‘Al Qaeda!!!’
            Yea. So much for a ‘Code of Honor.’ and an ‘oath’. Quite the hollow dribble, eh?
            ”How about we get organized and start meeting”?
            WE’D HAVE MORE FBI AGENTS AND INFORMERS THAN AMERICAN PATRIOTS IN ATTENDANCE – I guarantee it. And THEY (as always) would be the ones advocating violence (or, as documented, STARTING IT – so ‘the group’ gets blamed).
            So they can crush anyone they want.
            March on DC? A cross-country march? Gather hundreds of thousands of like-minded who REALLY want this festering cesspool drained?
            Cuz’ it AIN’T a swamp. It’s a cesspool.
            Gotta’ make sure we have all the proper PERMITS to ‘march’, right, and ONLY speak in ‘Designated Free Speech Zones’, right?
            Because we’re the Freest Nation On Earth, right?
            Within 10 miles there would be every ‘good cop’ standing there in front of us, ready to shoot to kill to enforce policy;
            “We Were Just Following Orders”
            So why do we ‘do this’? Why do we keep pissing into the wind?
            Because the ONLY achievable goal, that I can see, is a near-100% flock awakening, where finally the odds are sooooo overwhelming – and cops and National Guard and the military, too – are sick of being shat on and watching their country circle the drain, stand up, too.
            ‘Drain The Swamp’?
            How’s that going for ya’? Goldman/Sachs running EVERYTHING, Trump’s lawyers PROTECTING Hillary. State’s passing unconstitutional laws and thumbing their nose at DC.
            What I! have seen is a worsening.
            Look. I’M ON YOUR SIDE, but I’m looking past the Smoke & Mirrors, Dog & Pony Show, LIMITED HANGOUT nonsense.
            There is no ISIS. What there is is a proxy army the US/Israel duo created, to be used in the ME to remove leaders of non-Rothschild bank countries, and help expand ‘Greater Israel’ (stolen Syrian land and oil, Golan Heights).
            And to scare the American sheep with.
            EVERYTHING that happens now in the US and every ‘scary happening’ is “linked to ISIS”. What a crock of shite!
            My, my. How convenient. Need a War on Terror’? Create you own terrorists!
            Ruby, get stuck going down these LIMITED HANGOUT OPS paths, trying to tie Paddock to ISIS, etc. (Bill Clinton’s Blojob scandal vs HIS SELLING MISSLE TECHNOLOGY TO CHINA), and this guy NAILS IT:
            Now videos are claiming it was a gun-running op/sting ‘gone bad’, and “ISIS opened fire”.
            Well, I’ll tell you this; If ISIS wants weapons – ANY KIND – all the have to do is talk to their US Military handlers (our ‘Khaki Hero’ traitors), and they’ll get what ever they want!
            So – IF !!!! – and this is MY suspicion – IF our boys called ISIS were there, then you can expect a LOT MORE OF THESE EVENTS COMING SOON, because ‘they’ – DC/Shadow Gov/Soros/WHOMEVER – are going to create mayhem, fear, AND MEEK ACCEPTANCE OF THE (“good cops”) POLICE STATE.
            Martial Law, ‘fake news’ banned (did you see the Bill introduced that SHARING ‘fake news’ will be punishable BY PRISON)?
            Luckily, soooooooooo many people are waking up waaaay faster than events like 9/11, Boston, SH, etc. Vids are hitting the sites faster than they can be censored by YT/Goolag. 99.9% of the comments SEE the discrepancies – at least – and are asking questions.
            Sadly, politicians are going to doggedly stick to the Official Narrative – OF COURSE – because they’re already introducing anti-gun Bills, one after the other (‘If you need 30 rounds to hunt, you suck at hunting….If you need to disarm your population, you SUCK AT GOVERNING!’), and dual-citizenship traitor Chertoff’s ‘Security Company’ will benefit tremendously from scanners – EVERYWHERE.
            1. I believe SOME got sacrificed to make this more believable. I believe MOST was simple concert-goers mixed with Craigslist’s Crisis Actors.
            2. What I MOSTLY heard was 7.62 belt-fed weapons, and some bright guy used a computer program and 100% matched the concert vids to a guy firing one in a field. AND confirmed by many, many ‘vets.
            3. Why – when this was going on – were over a dozen EMT vehicle parked outside Hooters?
            4. Anyone YET see any ‘damning evidence’ of Paddock, on surveillance tape, on his floor? Checking in with HUGE bags? Or have they disappeared like they did at the Pentagon on 9/11? Or ‘failed’ at the Edward R. Murrow building in Oklahoma?
            5. If ISIS was there, how come no one heard the ubiquitous ‘ALLAHU AKBAR!’ being shouted – as we are ALWAYS told by the ‘real news’?
            6. Almost 600 wounded? No one got worse? NOT ONE, SINGLE PERSON? No one else died of complications? THAT IS JUST IMPOSSIBLE! Why are there not 600 videos made by these people?
            7. Why has NO politicians asked ONE, SINGE QUESTION – but has, instead, already introduced an anti-gun Bill? Have they offered to ‘get to the bottom’ of all these glaring contradictions and discrepancies? All the contrary EVIDENCE presented in the videos?
            Or is it like the ‘memo’ they received – telling them NOT to fly on 9/11?
            Finally, the age old question;
            Cui bono?
            Let’s see…..
            Chertoff’s company
            Cryptos; Forcing casinos into crypto currencies – something they’ve fought (and speculative as to why so many casinos had their windows shot out). And yet another move towards cashless, so every penny can be tracked. If EVERY PENNY YOU HAVE can be accounted for – and is digital – WHO THE HELL IS GOING TO SPEAK OUT OR STAND AGAINST THEM?
            US government: ISIS fears, Police State, more Rights and freedoms suspended, more gun removal, more ‘security’ (anyone else see how well THAT worked in Vegas? OHHHH – BUT IT DID! And EVERYTHING has been removed from public view!….
            What else? I’m open!
            So, Ms Ruby – all I can see doing, right now, is what we do; Waking the sheep – but I’m sure as hell open to suggestions, because I’m thoroughly disgusted.

  3. I am doing research on the medic/EMT response to the shooting. I think they were held back, due to the fact the scene had not been secured by the police. When they got in, it was hell. They had to tag do triage, and there were people begging to be taken first. My question is why was there not an area cordoned off to the side of the field with medics on standby? You would think with such a crowd, preparations would have been made for a mass casualty event. To put it this way, if I had been in charge of such an event, i would have made preparations for medics to be on standby. I am only speaking from my viewpoint…

    • That is why the 16 ambulances were at the Hooters, farthest from the shooter and event, not taking bodies out of Hooters, if this thing was real at all.

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