Washington Is Pretty Much Just A Giant Slush Fund

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FCC Dings Left-Wing Nonprofits For Using Federal Program To Finance Pet Projects.

  • An FCC commissioner is blowing the whistle on left-leaning groups he believes might be scamming a program designed to help deliver high-speed internet to public schools.
  • “These organizations are stockpiling significant amounts of cash,” FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr said about nonprofits who appear to be using revenue from the program on pet projects.
  • The FCC is hoping to make significant changes to the program and investigate whether these groups are breaking the rules.

A commissioner with the Federal Communications Commission wants to know why two liberal nonprofit groups are using revenue from a federal program designed to give poor children internet access on various progressive pet projects.

Organizations involved in a FCC-program dolling out broadband internet for kids might be siphoning off millions of dollars for their own purposes, according to FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr.  The Educational Broadcast Service (EBS) licenses are intended to help schools, but Carr believes revenue from the program is going to political causes.

“In addition to letting schools use it, we opened it up to allow qualifying nonprofits to hold these licenses,” he told his Twitter followers on July 3. “They had to be nonprofits for the purpose of providing educational material. Then we allowed these entities to lease out their commercial spectrum to commercial entitles like Sprint.”




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