Watch Bags Of Drugs Fall From George Floyd While In Custody

Drugs fall out @ 2:35 & 3:45

When they take Floyd to the car, he starts resisting on the sidewalk, then another video shows him kicking at the cops when the try to put him inside the car. That’s when they dragged him out and put him on the ground.

Now we already know that Floyd was a lifelong coke addict/dealer, it pops up time and again in his long criminal history. There’s also evidence suggesting that he suffered from drug induced heart tremors in the past, a common side effect of heavy coke use.
So to piece the ACTUAL story together, this is what happened:

>Cops get call for phony bill, also probably alerted of Floyd’s intoxicated state.
>Show up, see the guy is a unit with a long criminal record.
>Go relatively gentle on him at first.
>He starts tweaking, so they try to put him in the car for his own protection.
>Floyd starts kicking the cops and they get pissed.
>Drag him out onto the ground.
>Floyd still tweaking and passes out from a coke induced heart attack.
>Dies later at hospital.

Also it’s been proven by countless experts that the knee-neck position the cop used is NOT LETHAL. Maybe not standard procedure, but definitely not lethal. Israeli and Swedish police/military DO use it as STANDARD PROCEDURE.

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So far all the video and written evidence supports this version of events, but the chimps are already out of their cage. They won’t listen to reason even if you put the evidence right in front of them. That’s where you come in.

We NEED to spread the REAL STORY as far and wide as possible. Maybe, just maybe, this will redpill enough people and expose what a hoax this all is.


Screen caps clearly pointing it out:

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