WATCH: DEMOCRATS WORST NIGHTMARE! Blacks For Trump EXPOSE Liberals at Meeting with President Trump

African American Leaders and Blacks For Trump members meet with The President of The United States at the White House where they Expose the Liberals and state that they are The Liberals Worst Nightmare!!!

This isn’t about a 4 year or eight year election this is about resetting the entire system. Once the black population has been woken up and has left the plantation the Democratic party is done forever.

The Democrats are going to try and push fear to the extreme. The Democrats are trying to spread fear with this virus scam. They’re going to use big trigger words to try and scare the population and keep them on their plantation, but it’s not going to work.

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Not saying the coronavirus is not a real thing because it is, just like the flu, just like zika, just like SARS, but it’s not the end of the world like they are trying to frame this as.

The stock market will recover.

Life will go on.

The indictments will be unsealed.

This is going to be a hot summer.

The fear the panic and the race narrative that the Democrats try to use to keep people in line is no longer working.

These people are awake and they are on the Trump Train and they’re not looking back.

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Justice will be served.

Have faith.

God is on our side.

This whole coronavirus thing is a gigantic backfire for the Democrats.

Democrats want the borders wide open. Wide open borders is a great way to spread viruses and diseases.
Border security is Health security.

The Demonrats have boxed them selves into a corner.

Democrats wanting illegal immigration reduces jobs in the black community and the black people see this.

Blacks are shifting to the Republican party in droves.

The Democrats are finished.

This coronavirus thing is their last attempt to hold onto power. It’s not going to work.



h/t DeplorableOldMan