Watch for Florida replacing Washington as the epicenter:

·      Washington has been hunkering down, closing schools, setting limits on numbers for gatherings, canceling events, and self isolating with even mega corps like Microsoft closing their campus and requiring workers to work from home.

·      Florida: Spring Breakers – ie college students from all over the USA who have not been tested – party on like Titanic passengers tempting the little coronakiller.  Florida is the #1 Spring Break destination in the US and will have far more college crazies than other spots, but it isn’t alone. Other Spring Break hotspots such as South Padre Island, Lake Havasu, Gulf Shores in Alabama, etc., though not as popular as Florida, still will have their share of:

–       No social distancing

–       Kissing, canoodling & all kinds of other bodily fluid exchange activities going on

–       Drunken carousing which leads to dulled, misguided and reckless behavior which can only magnify by who knows how many order of magnitude the outbreak

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–       Partying at bars, clubs, hotels and pools where surfaces are not being sanitized and revelers are thoughtlessly touching everything

–       Sharing bottles, glasses, joints, pipes and bongs

–       Many boarded Caribbean cruises, petri dishes for mass virus infections


A number of large gatherings such as concerts, fairs and festivals have been canceled, but that has not deterred massive numbers of derelict college partiers from congregating in other areas such as beaches, hotel pools, clubs, restaurants, bars, etc.

Three of America’s Best & Brightest college students – our future – think of it this way:

“But with the world seemingly coming to a jarring halt all around them, Edwards, Don, and Ganley aren’t going to let the pandemic turn their Spring Break into a buzzkill. The mission remains the same: party hard, and hook up with girls. And with their school extending Spring Break by another week, they are also contemplating the next locale to keep the party raging—even as experts sounded the alarm about the young exposing the more vulnerable.”

And because many colleges and universities have EXTENDED Spring Break, the Spring Break Assassins aren’t taking that as a way to slow the spread or reduce risk, but instead are seeing the extension as a way to CONTINUE to spread their carelessness & insolence – on the back of a broken airline industry: “We’re about to go somewhere else because the flights are cheap as hell,” one defiant Spring Breaker says. “We might go to Toronto. I don’t know.”

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