Watch Hillary Clinton Lie Like The PRO She Is – Jim Jordan Traps Her, But She Got Away With Murder.

Pamela Williams
I am speechless this morning, as I just happened to watch a video that is new, but it is concerning Benghazi, which can never be forgotten.  The video maker puts it together with such expertise, you have no more questions after you watch it.
Representative Jim Jordan is absolutely brilliant in his questioning of Hillary Clinton.  Every American should see this, as he defeats Hillary Clinton in a deadly way.  She is speechless, and she pretty much has to pull herself together but fails.
It is absolutely beyond any human comprehension how Hillary Clinton is walking free on this earth.  How can Democrats possibly be sitting in their high chairs after this video and evidence of the failure of Obama and Clinton to save our men in Benghazi?
How can they come after President Trump for nothing, but at the same time, this crime of Hillary Clinton and Obama is so far above any other crime we have ever witnessed
He even questions her about her email in which she told her family “Benghazi was a terrorist attack.”
He goes further in the video of questioning James Comey, and he tears the email investigation apart.  After his questioning, the truth is plainly front and center.
If Representative Jim Jordan can accomplish these things in front of all those on Capitol Hill, but Clinton still gets away with the crimes of Benghazi and her Email crimes, there is no hope for America.
At this time as we watch President Trump being stalked by the Democrats at every breath he takes, while we watch on this video the cover-ups of Hillary Clinton….which have been ignored by our government, we must accept there simply is no hope for America.

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29 thoughts on “Watch Hillary Clinton Lie Like The PRO She Is – Jim Jordan Traps Her, But She Got Away With Murder.”

  1. Hillary Clinton is a monumental anti-American Marxist and if anyone expects this evil lying murderous person to have one tiny inkling of integrity or honesty or decency, they are certainly going to be disappointed. Hillary Clinton is a disgusting excuse for a human being.

  2. I have seen this all before and now I have to get sick again.Why isn’t this snake under indictment and posting bail in the very least.It would be a step for this country regaining self respect’Let justice prevail!!!

    • Republicans have been investigating her for decades and not one criminal charge. It gives the impression that she is squeaky clean. Meanwhile she has the blood of hundreds of thousands of innocent Muslims and thousands of US soldiers on her hands. Clearly, she is one of the ‘untouchables’.

  3. The problem is that most people who aren’t very much anti-Clinton already simply shut down their brains when they hear the word “Benghazi”.
    To your average MSM “news” viewer, Benghazi has been tried, she has been cleared of all charges, therefore she’s innocent, and therefore anyone still bringing it up is flogging a dead horse and trying to blame her for something she has already been cleared of – no matter how much new evidence there is, and no matter how much went wrong during those initial Benghazi hearings.
    Say the B word, and they stop listening.
    Probably that’s why they allowed those hearings to go forward – to make sure the average person thinks the subject has been dealt with sufficiently without finding her guilty of anything.

  4. If the general public cared about this, something would be done. If Congress cared about this, something would be done. This is no different than the 1000’s of actions done by TPTB that decimate the human condition. Time to realize that humans are, in general and by a majority, choosing to support the ” Beast ” system…

  5. I refuse to read any more clinton CRAP of any kind until she is in a real PRISON or hanged by her neck until she is DEAD.
    same deal for G.W bush.
    Their CRIMES are MONUMENTAL and HISTORICALLY worse than the even Israelis who RULE them!


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