I Can’t Believe This! John Kerry Said 911 Tower Was Brought Down In A “Controlled Fashion.”

by Pamela Williams
I just watched a video that shocked me.  I have to share this, as I have never heard it before.  Maybe you have, and I apologize if it is repetitive in any way.  
Abraham Lincoln said “no man has a good enough memory to be a liar.”
Larry Silverstein says on this video, “We had to pull it.”
While John Kerry said it was  “controlled.”
I had to share this:

Published on May 8, 2017
During a 2004 presidential campaign tour, John Kerry was filmed going off script and admitting to a small audience that World Trade Center building 7 (WTC 7) was brought down intentionally via a controlled demolition due to the fact that it posed a danger to surrounding buildings.
In a rare admission, Senator Kerry’s response to the small gathering should stun anybody who watches it.
Newnationalist.net reports: The outcome illustrates why these campaigns have become controlled, orchestrated events. After all, you never know when the truth might suddenly come right at you. I had never seen this exchange until now, but the questioner asked Kerry about WTC 7 on 9/11.
For reference, the second video is the infamous WTC leaseholder (((“Lucky” Larry Silverstein))) going off script, stating that WTC 7 was “pulled,” which is a demolition term. The third video is BBC stating WTC 7 (aka the Solomon Building) fell 20 minutes before it actually happened. Once again and as we have often seen, the players are messing up the script.
Kerry’s answer should floor anyone. This was after the cartoon physics NIST report stated WTC7 fell from “structural failure caused by fire” with no claim of a demolition.
It suggests that Kerry, like Silverstein, forgot the script. Abraham Lincoln said it best: “No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar.”
Or a second theory is that a presidential candidate (like most Americans) was largely clueless or disinterested in what transpired that day. Either would be a nasty scenario giving license to rampant criminal conspiracy.
Separately, John Kerry also claimed to be uninformed about his family background, which he claimed was Irish. But this was subterfuge.

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28 thoughts on “I Can’t Believe This! John Kerry Said 911 Tower Was Brought Down In A “Controlled Fashion.””

      • It’s why we are in all these stupid endless wars.
        This may be America’s Reichstag fire. The BBC reported on the collapse of WTC7 collapsing more than 20 minutes before it did. The BBC lost all their original tapes, but an affiliate had a recording of it. Nobody can explain who told the BBC WTC7 collapsed.
        You think this is a big joke. I’m not laughing. We’ve had the Patriot Act pushed through which is clearly not Constitutional, and since then the NDAA of 2013 was signed that takes away the right to a trial, something that goes back to the Magna Carta.

      • A “controlled fashion”? WTF does THAT mean? I’ll tell you what it means to a dumbed-down American population- “golly those Arabs sure knew how to control those planes!” I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at the sickening ignorance and stupidity of MOST Americans! Sheeple? Heck don’t insult the sheep!

        • I had to post it, as I had never seen the clip. It shocked me that he would say that. Believe me I am not dumbed down, even if I was shocked to hear him say that. I just did not know he had.

          • I didn’t mean to imply you were “dumbed down”, Sorry. In fact, there have been MANY high-ranking and public officials who have expressed their outright rejection of the Keane Commission Report, another whitewash like the Warren Commission Report. Maybe you can launder dirty money, but the truth is something that will ALWAYS prevent the laundering of dirty lies!

    • So what is your explanation for the collapse of those towers on their own footprint, or the fact that the BBC reported the collapse of WTC7 20 minutes before it actually happened?
      I’m willing to listen to any explanation that explains the facts.

        • Yes… I think she’s on to something there — that’s why I was asking a commenter accusing us of “2001-2003 trutherism” of their explanation. The reality is they don’t have one. Not for the collapses, not for the weird fireproof passports, not for the baggage ending up on the wrong plane, not for the “hijackers” being alive… Nothing.
          Their story is the crazy conspiracy theory that doesn’t add up.

          • Me too — probably if they hadn’t messed it up this badly they would have gotten away with it. I for one believed most of what I saw on the news until 9/11 woke me up – what they were saying simply didn’t match what’s possible.

      • There is no other explanation for giant buildings falling into their own footprints than controlled demolition! American media has brainwashed Americans for many years(Operation Mockingbird, 1949- look it up) to “accept the impossible/improbable and reject the obvious”. No government decree can change the laws of physics!

  1. WTC 7 is the smokiest gun in history. Not hit by a plane, just standing there with very little visible damage and then all of a sudden it comes straight down into its own footprint at near free fall speed.
    The real question about 7 is WHY the bush gang brought it down.?. They didn’t need it as an excuse to start a war since the collapse of the Twin Towers gave them that. But they still collapsed 7 knowing the public would see that the only rational explanation is controlled demo.!!!

  2. There is also speculation that microwaves were used from the top of the Twin Towers and that these were aimed down the interior of the buildings to superheat the interior columns.
    People were jumping, and shirtless, which means they were experiencing heat in extremes where there were no areas of fire.
    Alphabet agencies left the buildings the day before, and their employees / agents stayed home that day…
    President Trump, will you please convene a fact finding hearing or inquest into this using structural engineers?


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