Watch: Joe Rogan Eviscerates Media For Reporting Waukesha Massacre As An “Accident”

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Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

Joe Rogan once again tore the legacy media apart on his podcast, this time over its coverage of the Waukesha attack after several outlets referred to the murderous rampage as an accident.

“The guy in Wisconsin had tried to run over his f****** girlfriend and he was out on only $1000 bail. He tried to kill someone with his car, he was out on $1000 bail, and then he runs over 50 people in a car,” Rogan explained.

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“Here’s the f***** up part: the way they’re covering that story in the news. It’s not the ‘man who killed those people,’ it was an accident that was caused by an SUV,” Rogan said, referring to NBC, CNN, CBS and others calling the attack a ‘crash’ and an ‘accident’.

Rogan continued, “A f****** SUV caused an accident? what are you saying? Did the car go haywire? Did the auto-driving feature go nuts? No this evil man with real problems… a psychologically f***** up human being drove into a crowd of strangers.”


The Washington Post reported that the attack was ’caused by a SUV’:

The New York Times reported the “SUV” incident on page 22:

The media also lied and suggested that suspect Darrell Brooks was fleeing another crime scene and just happened on the Christmas parade.


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