WATCH: Michael Moore & Bill Maher Realize They Want A Civil War With No Guns

by Thinker

At least they have the military on their side, right? RIGHT? Obama calling on the military men who passed the litmus test? Trump should call back all purged commanders to balance playing field. How many in the armed forces will be outed on the Inspector Generals report that is being kept out of the hands of investigators? Look around, insanity is working on a major distraction from those who betrayed their fellow Americans and nation.

BREAKING: Robert Mueller Protected King Of The Pedophiles, Jeffery Epstein, Clinton’s Royal Family

Alex Jones breaks down how Robert Mueller protected Jeffrey Epstein by framing the Italian mafia and the use of mortars against a Patriot prayer group.

Jeffery Epstein’s FBl FILES RELEASED

Protecting those who have terrorized the children of the world for far to long. The whole Universe can hear the children on planet Earth crying, why can’t the beings that live there?