Watch: Nigel Farage Takes on the EU Parliament

by Mark Angelides

The ever entertaining Nigel Farage has lambasted the European Union for its behavior once again in a rallying call to action.

Nigel Farage (who actually came second in Time Magazines’ Man of the Year, just behind the Donald), has spent the last 25 years standing up for nation state democracy and trying to free the UK from the clutches of the EU.
In today’s speech, his comparison of the European Union to the Mafia has ruffled all the right feathers in the MSM with their righteous indignation.
A few of the headlines ran: Farage jeered over comments/Farage heckled in parliament/Farage uses slur against and on and on and on. The one core factor for the MSM was that for 8 seconds of a 5 minute speech, some sensitive parliamentarians were upset. Well good. The real story is that for 4 minutes and 52 seconds, Nigel took the whole lot of them to task for their appalling behavior.
In fact it is hard to find a single news article that actually points out that this was Nigel’s moment. He was cool, calm, witty and articulate, and what’s more he spelled out the clear democratic deficit that exists within the EU Parliament. Could this be because the MSM is in thrall to the EU project and its paymasters?
Nigel Farage is a hero to many in the UK, and his efforts were the driving force behind the Brexit referendum; not just by forcing the former Prime Minister to hold the Brexit referendum in the first place, but also by helping win the thing.