Watch Out Who You Vote For in the Midterms

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by Chris Black

Before the 2024 election, you will see a huge effort to rebrand the GOP as a party of “multi-racial working-class populism.”

They will aggressively shill a “based Hispanics” narrative and they will use this to argue in favor of flooding America with even more immigrants — “We need the based Latinx to defeat the Democraps!”

You will even see so-called “nationalist” people on the Dissident Right parroting this “based Replacement Migration” narrative. If this transition is successful, so-called “Right-Wing” parties throughout the West will mimic it.

I could be wrong, this may not occur, but I doubt it.

The inevitable endgame of conservative politics and every grifter, boomer, mark, etc. who hitches themselves to that wagon is always going to be civic nationalism, at best, and White genocide as a certainty.

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If conservatives weren’t anything but liars, con men, and gatekeepers, if they were EFFECTIVE… groups like Patriot Front wouldn’t need to exist.

The GOP is the hospice of White America. Trust these liars at your peril.

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