Watch your school board elections this year! Pro-DACA immigrants are running to get a foothold in politics

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by Vvswiftvv17
I just saw on FB a very young person I knew from another lifetime announced they are running for the local school board in a very large city. This completely surprised me because the person isn’t in education and has no children. This person has always been very politically active in non-profit Marxist related groups and is only in their 20’s. This person has been extremely outspoken on DACA and was an immigrant themselves before becoming a citizen.
Then I realized, I think the progressives next move is to use school board elections to squeeze in younger and more progressive candidates. It could be an effective strategy because no one pays attention to their local school board candidates. This gives numerous young ambitious 20 somethings the oppurtunity to get a foothold in politics. As we know there is tons of money on the table for this, all these young kids have to do is follow the program and get funded. By supporting their ambitions the progressives can groom them however they see fit. Then these kids can work their way up through local and state races before leaping onto the national stage in 10 or 15 years causing real havoc. Let’s make sure this doesn’t happen. Keep an eye on your local races and be sure to clue in on talking points that sound progressive in their descriptions. Not many will self-identify as such because they know it’s a game stopper. Most parents are ok with the ideals of progressive politics, just no in their neighborhood.

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