Wayne Dupree: Nations rise and fall, and America’s now in danger of falling. I’ve never been more pessimistic about its fate

Democrat attempts to overturn a certified election result that went against them in Iowa shows what hypocritical manipulators they are and reveals their real intent – to seize complete control over every aspect of our lives. I’m 52 years old and have never been more discouraged about our country than I am now..

America is divided in a way we’ve not seen since for 160 years. Our elections are chaotic, Third World-ish and always in question. ‘Wokeness’ is destroying people’s lives and futures.. Censorship and lying are the norms for our so-called media.

The teachers’ unions are harming our children’s futures and teaching leftist programs. A man who should be in an old people’s home is signing executive orders placed in front of him by leftists who are continuing to do everything they can to weaken the country. The left is going to destroy voting and elections systematically, If you find it hard to win elections legitimately, why not just get rid of them?





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