Ways The Biden Administration Will Attack Free Speech

An assault on free speech is coming. In the wake of the Capitol riots, Americans have already seen it play out on social media, with the conservative social media app Parler being shut down and blacklisted.

The “woke” activists in Silicon Valley are not acting alone. They are being enabled and emboldened by anti-speech Democrats, who see any semblance of conservatism as a threat to their slanted, socialist worldview. With the Biden administration in power, Democrats are poised to attack the First Amendment with renewed fervor, shutting down the discourse they just so happen to oppose.

When any form of free speech is threatened, all Americans are under attack. We need to brace for worse to come:

Campaign finance “reform”

Earlier this month, House Democrats reintroduced the disingenuously named “For the People Act,” which would only undermine the people’s right to engage in the political process. H.R. 1 would essentially serve as a ban on certain forms of political speech (read: conservative speech) by undoing the Citizens United decision.

Under the bill’s provisions, nonprofit organizations that make campaign-related disbursements of $10,000 or more in a given election cycle would be required to disclose their donors. How do you expect the Left to treat those donors, if they’re conservative? With kid gloves?

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To the contrary, nonprofit donors would suddenly be vulnerable to harassment and retribution, which has already become standard practice for campaign finance “reformers.” Any and all right-leaning donors would be fair game, disincentivizing those U.S. citizens from exercising their rights to free speech and free association.

Campus censorship

Nowhere is the First Amendment at greater risk than on the college campus. For years now, the Left has shut down conservative speakers and promulgated a radical social agenda. When most professors lean left (and many in hostile fashion), colleges and universities only become indoctrination camps that serve no other purpose but to brainwash students.



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