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WashPost Exposes Its Own Cartoonist Tom Toles Lying About Friend in Blackface at His House.

The intensity of feelings about race inside newsrooms is leading to surprising revelations. On Wednesday afternoon, The Washington Post reported that its own staunchly liberal political cartoonist Tom Toles allowed a woman to wear blackface at his 2018 Halloween party – mocking Megyn Kelly’s comments about children’s Halloween costumes on Today – and then lied to people who were upset, claiming he didn’t know who she was.

This is the same Tom Toles who did a cartoon comparing Obamacare opponents to segregationist Alabama Democrat George Wallace, and the same cartoonist who mocked opponents of political correctness, claiming they thought ‘I am so sick of not being able to insult and belittle women and minorities.”

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Sean Davis of The Federalist tweeted out this story, tsk-tsking: “The blackface is coming from inside the Washington Post. These are the people who’ve appointed themselves the arbiters of who is and is not racist.”

The Post goes on to note that the woman who wore the blackface has since been fired after being outed by the paper:

Schafer said she has learned in recent weeks, as protests have sparked new conversations about race, that racism “runs so much more deeply than I’d thought. I should know. I’m Jewish and my grandmother was a child slave for two years. I’ve hung my head for months. I hurt people in my carelessness.” She said she understands Gruber and Prince’s “pain and their consternation and their hurt. Clearly, I didn’t understand the history of blackface enough. I failed completely, but I’m not a malicious person.”

Schafer wrote an email to Tom and Gretchen Toles the day after the party, saying that she had “made a huge mistake. I’m very sorry I ruined the evening for some of your guests.”

She said she would like a chance to tell Gruber in person how sorry she is: “With this story, they’ll get the public humiliation they want, but it won’t foster any real dialogue between us. I wish they would talk to me. I made a mistake, and I understand now that when black people make a mistake, they can get killed.”

On Wednesday, after Schafer informed her employer, a government contractor, about the blackface incident and The Post’s forthcoming article, she was fired, she said.

Exit question from Newsbusters’ Tim Graham: “Now the PC Police have come for Toles, and his lady friend who upset the minorities – and the Post is outing the whole thing. Will he get fired after the newsroom erupts in outrage? If an editor can lose his job for a mere headline of ‘Buildings Matter, Too,’ why not Toles?”

* Via the cover of its then-subsidiary publication, Newsweek.

UPDATE: Democracy dies in doxxing:

h/t Ed Driscoll 

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