We are Descending into Total Globalist Chaos

Look around and count the major crises that are active now around the world. It has to be way more than a dozen. War, threat of war, raging inflation, rapidly rising interest rates, economic problems, shortages, droughts, and on and on. It used to be just the Covid Pandemic.

Was this part of the plan to go “all in, all at once” with problem after problem, crisis after crisis? Undoubtedly no.

The Globalists Plan for an orderly transition to Agenda 2030 is totally off the rails due to being it being exposed.

Their vaccine genocide has been exposed. Their plan to starve us has been exposed. Their plan for vaccine passports, digital ID and Digital Currency has been exposed. The Leftist agenda including LGBT has been exposed. Election stealing has been exposed. Everything is now out in the open. The Globalists are completely naked. Their “man operating behind the curtain” paradigm has been destroyed.

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And now they are facing a potential big loss in the US Midterm elections. If they (the Dems) lose, all hell is going to break loose like nothing we have ever seen before. Perhaps economic collapse.

Get ready for total Globalist mayhem as they fight to preserve their New World Order plans at all costs.



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