We are getting started.

by SS2907

This panic has been going on for roughly a week and a half now and people are losing their shit, we all know this. City governments, including watershed departments are shutting down. Some news I found out today actually. The virus is still spreading rampant and my best guess is that most of you fuckers will end up getting it. So you’re (hopefully) going to stay inside and not spread that shit around. I probably have it, you probably have it, and I have no fucking clue but I’m pretty healthy and feel like shit right now so it’s hard to tell.

All of these people going out to bars because they have “nothing else to do” are going to spread it. The guy that put the bottles in the boxes and shipped them out are going to spread it to the people at the bars. People at the bars are going to leave it for the next wave of bar comers. This goes for EVERY SUPPLY CHAIN not just bars. More people are going to turn up sick and infected, and they’ll be a ton of unreported cases.

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States are turning patients AWAY and REFUSING physician testing and treatments in hospitals. I also know a PA which is how I know this as well. Pilot friends are saying flights are empty as fuck and government friends are shutting down our watershed here (specifically in Atlanta). The watershed shutdown decision was literally TODAY.

They are doing everything they can in the media to hold the markets down and keep it steady, I’m not trying to fear monger but this shit is NOT over YET. I’ve been living in Atlanta for four years now and I have NEVER seen the interstates so empty during rush hour times for as long as they have been, ever. And this all started middle of last week. So the “stay home” ramp up has just begun. Trumps lack of confidence in his answers of questions asking about a recession or depression are big. Markets are sideways right now, there will be another dip before a run back to the top.

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This market crash isnt a market based on financial incompetence like it was in 2008, it’s a market based on a global health impact. The more people that stay at home, the less money in circulation. Demand lowers. Supply is SUPPOSED to increase, but is totally fucked up right now in global supply chains, supply has decreased. If you looked at a Supply and Demand graph, as in simple economics, you would see that the stoicism (equilibrium point) is much LOWER than it normally would be with seasonal economic trends.


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