We are heading towards a digital dystopia

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by kattbollar


I am sure many of you have heard about right-wing and conservative e-celebs being deplatformed from various platforms and payment services (Alex Jones, Sargon etc). Many of you may not support them, and that’s fine. I am not a huge fan myself.

But this is not just about removing people on the right-wing from the internet. It goes much deeper. It’s about deplatforming and unpersoning all “undesirables” who oppose the corporate neoliberal internationalist agenda. Eventually this also means people on the left who are anarchists, communists, primitivists etc.

This may sound a bit conspiratorial, but credit card companies and some tech giants are spearheading an attempt to create a global digital identity. Basically this would be done by eliminating cash in favor of “digital cash”, through chipped cards, apps and biometrics, and connecting these to social media and internet profiles on Facebook, Linkedin, Google, Twitter etc.

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The most recent “high profile” deplatforming was Sargon of Akkad, a center right political YouTuber. He was kicked off from Patreon without warning. But it was later revealed that Patreon may be getting its marching orders from Paypal and Mastercard.

Mastercard itself specifically requested that Patreon would ban Robert Spencer (no relation to alt-right Richard Spencer) of Jihad Watch from their service, even though he did not violate the terms of Mastercard or Patreon.

Why these two? Well Sargon is pro-Brexit and politically involved with UKIP. Robert Spencer is against mass migration from the Middle East and Africa. There are many more cases like this where big corporations are becoming politically involved. The whole thing about supporting refugees out of the goodness of their corporate hearts is just a smoke screen.

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By linking finance with biometrics and internet profiles into a single identity, it would be very easy for these corporations to shut down anyone who speaks out against them or their agendas. Say something wrong on Twitter? Your existance could be entirely erased from the internet, your digital “cash” blocked etc. and it’s all OK because they are “private companies” and they can do whatever they want.

This guy made a pretty good video about all of this:

Anyway, maybe collapse isn’t the worst thing, considering the hell we are creating for ourselves through digital technology.


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