We are knocking on the door of the NEXT great financial meltdown

Tide about to turn for markets as easy-money decade ends

Reuters1 hour ago
LONDON (Reuters) – Swept along by super-easy money, investors have debated for years how world markets will react when this central bank largesse …

Contagion from Turkey’s lira crash could reach the US

Yahoo Finance1 hour ago
BIS data shows debt issued in U.S. dollars to non-bank borrowers rose to $11.5 trillion in … “This could be a bubblewaiting to pop,” Jacob L. Shapiro, director of …

Turkey’s coming default will shake the world

MoneyWeek1 hour ago
The emerging market may not seem like a significant player in the global economy, but if it reneges on its debt, that could have huge repercussions. John Stepek …

Goldman Frets a Huge Shift in Italian Debt Market Is Looming

Bloomberg2 hours ago
In a stark reminder that the feedback loop is not yet fully vanquished, the capital hit due to Italian sovereign debt swings was higher than expected in the last …

Italy’s bubbling bond woes are a bigger global threat than Turkey

Telegraph.co.uk17 hours ago
… budget committee is frighteningly blunt. The country’s bond market will spin out control as soon as the European Central Bank stops buying its sovereign debt.

Payment seen unlikely on $1.1 billion in maturing Venezuela bonds

Reuters20 hours ago
“We assume no funds allocated to make the sovereign amortization today as … Maduro’s government began quietly halting debt interest payments last year in an …

Venezuela Has $1 Billion Due Today. The Bonds Trade at 28 Cents

Bloomberg18 hours ago
It’s pay day for $1.125 billion of Venezuelan sovereign bonds. … That was way back when Maduro called for an impossible debt restructuring that’s currently …

China nearly quadruples infrastructure approvals in July as growth slows

Reuters2 hours ago

That compared with approvals for 20.8 billion yuan of spending in June, … and hidden debt has sharply pushed up funding costs and slowed investments in .

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