19 confirmed left-wing, violent crimes and 19 confirmed hate hoaxes. In the wake of the terrifying livestreamed racism-fueled torture of a young, mentally ill white man, it is time for America to GET WOKE

by onewalleee
I am going to keep posting this LONG LIST until enough people see it.
They kept him for 24-48 hours. Beat him, threatened his life, used him as an ashtray, cut his scalp with a knife, made him drink toilet water. One of them was his classmate and they streamed it all on video. More details here

All of the crimes against us, to date, end up either ignored or reported in isolation. They are never used to create a narrative warning the left about the rise of left-wing and anti-Trump violence going on in their midst:

(Scroll down to get to examples of hate hoaxes. Sadly it will take a while even tho I haven’t had time to summarize all the confirmed cases of violence)

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WE know that most Americans just want to be left alone and live in peace. We know that the actions of a few do not impute guilt to the many. Do you know that?

Yet we are the ones accused of being violent, despite all of these confirmed hoaxes:

Even one incident of right-wing politically motivated violence is one incident too many. But there has not been a rise of confirmed pro-Trump violence following the election. You are being lied too.
Leftists: Stop crying wolf. You are dividing our country in a way that can only bring it harm!

Never forget, we are for the rule of law and reject retaliatory vigilante violence.

We are seeking peace and unity through truth, but our task is made almost impossible when the media refuses to report the truth.


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