OK…Here We Go! FIRST: REUTERS REPORTS CHANGE IN RUSSIA HACKING STORY! NEXT: US Spy Chief James Clapper Said Russia Used FAKE NEWS As Part Of Their Multi-faceted Campaign.

by Pamela Williams

I cannot understand what the Intelligence Community is saying anymore.  I will try to report in an accurate manner what is coming from REUTERS and from the hearing on Capitol Hill today.  I have to say first that this story is fluid and could change at any moment.  REUTERS is reporting of a “third party” involved in the “Russian hacking” story.  Let me try to explain.
After Julian Assange spoke with Sean Hannity on FOX NEWS, saying that WIKILEAKS DID NOT RECEIVE DNC LEAKS FROM RUSSIA, the Intelligence Community is changing their story to:
U.S. Intelligence agencies obtained” conclusive evidence” after the November election that Russia provided hacked material from the Democratic National Committee to WikiLeaks. However, the latest change of the story is that Russia provided the hacked data through a third party.  This is being reported by REUTERS.


SO, the story now is:
1.  Russia hacked the US during Elections obtaining materials meant to help Donald Trump in winning the elections.
2.  US Intelligence found conclusive evidence of this after the November election!
They had to change their story, because Julian Assange adamantly and clearly told Sean Hannity that HE DID NOT RECEIVED ANY LEAKS FROM RUSSIA.
OK…moving on…The following is being reported by


The US intelligence chief has promised to explain why Russia allegedly meddled in the US presidential election.

Director of National Intelligence General James Clapper said Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the hack of Democratic Party emails, and the motive will be revealed next week.
But Mr Clapper stopped short of saying it was “an act of war”.
Russia has denied involvement but the US has announced sanctions against Russian officials.
A report on foreign meddling in US elections was given to President Barack Obama on Thursday.

President-elect Donald Trump is to be briefed on the report on Friday and the unclassified version will be made public next week.
Top US intelligence officials were giving testimony to the Senate Armed Services Committee investigating the alleged interference.
In their assessment, Moscow interfered to help Mr Trump, the Republican candidate, beat Democrat Hillary Clinton.
Asked by a congressman if they “will ascribe a motivation to Putin”, Mr Clapper replied “yes, we will ascribe motivation”.
Mr Clapper described the Russian efforts as a “multifaceted campaign”, which featured “classical propaganda, disinformation, [and] fake news”.

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