“We are the good guys”

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by Chris Black

Here is a report by a BBC bugman suggesting that Russians who attended the patriotic rally in Moscow did so due to brainwashing or peer pressure.

Russia is in my opinion no more “autocratic” than the USA or Western Europe, but let’s grant the premise for the sake of argument.

All societies (Russia or USA) manufacture consensus in the same fashion: media narrative saturation, status buy ins, and a rolling scale of potential punishments ranging from job loss, social shaming and, as a last resort, imprisonment.

Try going out and “defaming” one of America’s national symbols — leaving tire marks on a rainbow flag painted on the road, placing an “anti-Semitic” leaflet on a Jewish structure, protesting a Black Lives Matter mural, even “It’s Ok To Be White” on lamp posts — you will be severely punished, potentially imprisoned for years.

School teachers are all attending to pro-Russia rally just like school teachers attend and often lead anti-white activism in the USA.

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So the real debate is not on methods of social control, it’s on the values being validated.

Patriotism, especially as a response to foreign aggression (defending your borders from NATO), is a civic good.

Sodomy, racial hatred of whites and European civilization, transsexualism, destruction of the traditional family, etc, are bad for society.

Not to mention Russian patriotism has genuine majority support, 70% suppressing the 30% on this conflict.

The Washington/NATO worldview is the reverse, 30% (Jews, people personally profiting from the system, and a few aspirant ride alongs) oppressing the 70%.


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