It’s Not About Hypersonic Missiles, It’s About Making a Point

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by Chris Black

Russia fired its Kinzhal hypersonic missile for the first time ever a few days ago against a Ukrainian arms depot.

These missiles are 8x faster than a Tomahawk. They are nuclear capable.

No NATO country has the technology to match it, or even scarier, to counter it.

My guess is Putin showed this off to silence all the morons calling for a no fly zone.

I bet that kind of talk will end soon.

Side note: I suspect the hypersonic drones that were following the US air force and nuclear sites in the last couple of years were some kind of cutting edge Russian or Chinese tech similar to this.

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The Pentagon suggested last year that the speed and manoeuvrability of these drones was physically impossible and concluded it may belong to aliens from outer space.

I wish I was joking.

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