We Are Witnessing The First Generation To Have Been Literally Brainwashed To Covet Paper Money

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by benjamindees

Final gold backing of US currency was removed in the 70’s. That backing was replaced, temporarily, with the demand provided by international oil trade denominated in so-called petro-dollars. The oil wars that followed demonstrate that arrangement handily.

But what then? What was the plan, exactly? What happens when the oil runs out? What happens now that the petro-dollar is threatened with replacement by the petro-yuan? What will “back” US fiat going forward? What will replace that demand?

Since the 70’s, the amount of subliminal messaging (through television and digital media), psychological services, and psychoactive pharmacological products consumed by children and teenagers have steadily risen. (Interestingly, the incidence of autism has risen alongside them, but that’s somewhat tangential.)

This week, in the midst of ongoing, literal psychological warfare targeting the US public, including events like 9/11, the American generation most subjected to this onslaught gathers in groups, watching giant television screens, listening to their peers lament the horrible conspiracy of gun manufacturers out to murder them for what else but that sweet, sweet cash.

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Am I the only one who finds it just a little bit odd that these kids place such a high value on what older generations tend to find relatively less valuable these days, namely fiat paper currency? A product that is fundamentally just a decade or so of economic crisis away from being produced in Zimbabwe-esque trillion-dollar denominations? A monetary system that has ended that way (badly) literally every time it has ever been tried? A currency regime that is in the process of failing in Venezuela right now, with local villages producing their own scrip, and zeroes being knocked off the notes by the national government due to lack of confidence? And, yet, American youth believe this is the stuff that corporations will kill for?

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I mean, I get it. You’re young. You have less money than you’d like. The job market is tight. There are lots of shiny gadgets out there you’d like to buy. But, really? You really go so far as to believe that gun manufacturers and advocacy groups are trying to kill you for paper money?

It seems to me that, if you believe these mass shootings are being perpetrated by corporations grabbling after little green pieces of paper that they ultimately just print out of thin air, then you haven’t even begun to recognize the real conspiracy. And there’s probably a reason for that.


The history of gold prices is certainly another interesting side to the money game for any that are interested…onlygold.com/Info/Historical-Gold-Prices.asp



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