We basically just fight the war for him: Ukraine says they can win, just send us 500 tanks, 1000 howitzers, 2000 armored vehicles, 1000 drones and 300 rocket arty systems

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Volodymyr Zelensky’s top adviser has told the West to dramatically step up deliveries of heavy weapons if Ukraine is to defeat Russia’s invasion.

Mykhailo Podolyak said Monday that Kyiv needs 1,000 howitzers, 300 rocket artillery systems, 500 tanks, 2,000 armoured vehicles and 1,000 drones ‘to end the war’.

The eye-watering shopping list amounts to an army’s-worth of Western equipment and goes well beyond both what has been supplied so far and what Ukraine itself has been requesting.

Put in context, 500 new tanks would be more than the UK and Germany have in active service combined, while 1,000 howitzers and 300 rocket launchers is more than the US currently has in active service.

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The US has supplied a little over 100 howtizers to Ukraine so far while the US and UK combined are thought to have sent seven rocket systems.



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