We Cannot Stop the Societal Collapse That’s Coming

There’s a scene in the Liam Neeson movie “Taken” where he’s on the phone with his daughter. Men are there to kidnap her and she’s a world away from him in Europe. As a former intel agent, he knows what’s going to happen and realizes there’s no way to stop it. As much as he’d love to come up with a way for his daughter to escape or fight off the assailants, he knows the best thing he can do is to prepare her by telling her the truth.

“Now, the next part is very important — they’re going to take you,” he said.

That’s similar to how I feel about the current onslaught of national crises. I’d love nothing more than to tell my audience that if we do this or if someone else does that, we’re going to be just fine and America will be great again. Unfortunately, the writing on the wall is undeniable. Unless God acts on our behalf in ways nobody expects and none of us deserve, then things are going to get much worse in the near future.

For those who need a pep talk, this isn’t it. This is a wakeup call. Most in my audience are very well aware of the troubles we face, but seeing some of these challenges listed together may bring necessary perspective. My priorities are to spread the truth of the Bible, share the truth of this world, and offer solutions. I’d love to be the guy who could prioritize offering solutions over sharing the truth of this world, but I’m just better at being a journalist than an organizer.

With that said, this “doom and gloom” article is intended to alert people that if they aren’t bracing for impact yet, it’s time to start. If you’ve been bracing for impact already, then please help spread the word. Many of us do not have the time or resources to fully protect ourselves and our families, so focusing on that is the best we can do.

For those who have the time and resources, I’d ask you to help others to see the light and make themselves prepared as well. It behooves us all to have as many Americans awake as possible. We’ll need as many allies as we can get who will not be beholden to government for their survival. Together, we can either fight what’s coming (because we keep fighting the good fight even if we think our chances are slim) or to help rebuild when it’s over.

The partial list of existential threats in our immediate future includes challenges that, by themselves, are huge. Combining them into this perfect storm of simultaneous catastrophes makes it all seem insurmountable without divine intervention… and that’s the point. The globalist elite cabal continuously call it the “policrisis.” They need all of the bad things happening within the same short window to make it nearly impossible for us to overcome them all.

They have “solutions” in mind. For the masses to accept them, the powers-that-be need us broken, desperate, and willing to give them everything just to be able to survive.

Before I get to the list of challenges, it’s important to note something for those who are not as pessimistic as I am. Getting prepared by weening ourselves from government and reducing our reliance on “the system” is a good thing even if my predictions of impending doom do not come to pass.

Americans in general are far too plugged into “the system” even in the best of times. Keep that in mind if you think that I’m just fearmongering. I AM expressing tremendous fears, but only because I want people to make changes in their lives that will benefit them whether the apocalypse is nigh or if we, Lord willing, can recover from all of this.

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Here are just some of the major challenges we’re facing:

The border crisis has been a blazing inferno for over two years and the fall of Title 42 will be like dropping napalm on the already-massive flames.

Our current banking crisis appears to be by design. The powers-that-be want the American financial system to be consolidated under the handful of megabanks, so even if you never wanted your money with JPMorgan Chase or Bank of America, the Powers and Principalities will try to force you into them.

The food supply in America is secretly in a state of utter shambles. The effects of manufactured events over the last couple of years will be felt over the next couple of years as there’s a delay between cause and effect in such a massive system.

Control of energy infrastructure is quietly being consolidated while the untenable shift to “green” energy will decimate the already-limited stability of the grid.

Normalization of health scares that started with the Covid plandemic and continues with outbreaks of other diseases being tested in the wild will further empower the medical tyranny industry. What we saw with Covid lockdowns was just a taste of the draconian measures they have in store for the next plandemic.

LGBTQIA+ Supremacy isn’t just about brainwashing leftists and children into questioning how they were created by God. It’s about furthering the post-truth society they need for their plans to work. By putting personal truth (“I feel like a girl so I must be a girl”) over objective truth (“I have a penis so I’m a boy”), they create a mass psychosis in which those who know the truth feel compelled to share in the lies. With such a mass psychosis in place, society in general can be herded into whatever slaughterhouse the powers-that-be choose.

The massive rise in random violence will be the predicate for disarming the people and establishing an absolute police state. It isn’t just the mass murders that make the news. It’s the ongoing acceleration of pointless acts of violence. Before, we had to be concerned about being mugged for our possessions. That’s obviously wrong, but at least we could comprehend how greed or desperation could drive people to act like that. Today, we’re seeing far more violence for the sake of violence as even children are attacking each other just so they can be seen on a viral TikTok video.

That’s the partial list. Notice I didn’t even mention massive, widespread voter fraud making elections fruitless. I didn’t mention upcoming wars with Russia, China, or both. I didn’t mention that the Biden-Harris regime and the Uniparty Swamp on Capitol Hill are enacting policies and orders that are dragging our nation down.
 If I put together a full list of massive threats, this article would be too long for most to read.



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