We Have a New Problem in Las Vegas Folks

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Yes the talk going on around Vegas is the mega casinos will not do so well when this quarantine opens back up, people will not be flocking back to Vegas after this mess..

Many will be getting back to work to catch up with bills and many wont want to be in hotels and large night clubs and casinos after this.

Our bread and butter here is tourism in the mega casinos and tax collected from the casinos, we have no state income tax but that might change now..

Also Las Vegas had the most foreclosures after the 2008 economy collapse and now our real-estate is back up to pre 2008.

Hundreds of thousands work in the casinos here in Vegas.

Las Vegas will take 2 to 4 years to return to normal “maybe”.

If this virus remains for months to came than Las Vegas might just be another ghost town..

I am talking 500,000 or more not getting their jobs back here.

Shit Has Hit The Fan Here and Many Here Know it Has Happened..

And if you think this is a nothing burger where you live also look at Disney Land/World, many hotels in tourist areas around America, big night clubs in your area, etc, etc..

All these people without work for months and years to come will be moving into your area and bidding on your job..

SHTF and many don’t know it yet..



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