We Have Been Conned Into Thinking That This Is How Politics Works – Is it any better than Iran?

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by Mark Angelides

An illusion called Democracy has been cast upon us. We have the feeling, the view, the idea that we are in fact choosing the person who we want to lead us, but in fact our leaders are selected, not elected. As the world’s media focuses its collective Eye on the Middle East, it’s worth considering a position that the MSM has been pushing.
When Donald Trump said in Israel, “Iran must not have a nuclear weapon”, the complicit Left were very quick to point out that unlike Saudi Arabia, Iran had just had democratic elections and had elected a “moderate”. They chose to ignore the fact that Iran’s elections are a Hobson’s Choice and about as far from a free and fair election as you can get…And that of course got me thinking about the American and British electoral system which as it happens has quite a bit in common with the Iranian system.
Iran is now, and has been for a while, under the control of the Ayatollahs. They have the ultimate voice in making decisions and their rule is absolute. How the electoral candidate selection works is like this:

  • People are selected by the Council of Islamic clergy (mostly Islamic lawyers versed in the Koran and the Hadiths with an emphasis on Sharia interpretation).
  • They are presented to the Ayatollah.
  • The Ayatollah chooses which candidates can run (out of more than 150, only 4 more considered “eligible”)
  • The people of Iran get to vote for one of the selected candidates.

To even be selected by the Ayatollah you must fit a certain criteria. Obviously you must be Muslim, male, and slavishly devoted to the Ayatollahs cause and willing to do what the Ayatollah says…In what way is this NOT the Ayatollah running the country?
But of course, in the US and Britain, the path to election is actually not that dissimilar. The two party system all but ensures that only candidates that are willing to fall in line even get to the “Hustings” stage (like town hall debates but among leading contenders). And in some areas, that means that the candidates we are allowed to vote for have already been selected by just a small handful of people.
Some might say that this is not a bad way to do things…If it were a free for all, we wouldn’t get to hear everyone’s opinions and policies. And while this is partially true, it does not change the very real issue that the people behind BOTH parties are quite literally just handing us their orders. The big money groups who fund all parties only accept candidates who are on board with the agenda, so we will only get pro agenda candidates.
If you’ve ever wondered why nothing seems to change, regardless of who is in power, it’s because it’s not supposed to. In Iran, they have Islam, in the West we have Globalization…both are power structures run by the few to control the many. Yet we cheer at each new election???

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3 thoughts on “We Have Been Conned Into Thinking That This Is How Politics Works – Is it any better than Iran?

  1. Neil De Grasse Tyson??? He’s one of the many people who PUSH HIS SO CALLED TRUTHS onto the people!..He’s a devout atheist, all these so called educated people are self serving egotists!
    Him along the Science Guy Bill Nye..pushing the elites agenda!

  2. “Obviously you must be Muslim, male, …”
    And yet 17 women (and only 16 clerics) were just elected to the Iranian parliament, and over 400 women councillors were elected in the local elections.
    There are seats in parliament reserved for Christian, Zoroastrian, and Jewish candidates.
    So obviously Mark Angelides needs to rewrite his claims about Iranian elections.

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