Have ISIS Just Taken Over a Philippines City? And Why is There No Mention of It in the Media?

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by Mark Angelides

At the exact same time as the Manchester terror attack was just coming to light, not only was a bomb found in a Swedish airport (fortunately in time), but reports came out that an ISIS (or ISIS supporting group) had taken over a city in the Philippines. You won’t have heard it on the MSM, but this is not Fake News…This is a running story on CNNphilippines.com. So why is there nothing in the Western media?
The story so far states that Marawi City, Lanao del Sur, is under siege by a Muarte (a group that the Philippine government says are directly connected to ISIS), who have not only taken over buildings and blocked road access, but they have raised (in place of the Philippine flag) an ISIS flag. According to military reports:
“The AFP members directly blocked their way resulting to exchange of fire. Accordingly, not less than 500 members of Maute (Isis) tried to penetrate the camp. GT Marawi situated at Campo Ranaw, Marawi City is about 300 meters from the place of the attacked,”
500 Members!!! Is this not news? Is this not considered newsworthy that 500 hundred ISIS supporters have decided to take over a city and fight the local military somewhere outside of Syria and Iraq?
Martial Law was declared on Tuesday night by President Duarte in Mindano, and judging by the President’s earlier comments that he would “eat the livers” of ISIS members, it is hoped that he gets the situation under control soon.
Many in the Philippines are actually accusing Duarte of downplaying the seriousness of the situation and are suggesting that his government and local law enforcement are in the process of covering up the worst of the atrocities taking place. But if the President is downplaying it, what can we call what our media is doing? CNN the company clearly knows this but has opted to keep the America people in the dark. The world clearly knows what is happening, yet they have taken a decision not to go public with this information. They prefer to push the idea that terrorists are “Lone Wolf Attackers”, and that there is not an organized group of terror soldiers in the West. 500 Members in one city seems to burst that particular lie.
They are not putting this out because they want us dumb and ignorant of the very real threat we face on a daily basis. It is irresponsible, it is wrong, and it is dangerous.


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