We have never been so dependent on monetary & fiscal stimulus…. Next year we will see far more fiscal & monetary expansion than anyone currently expects, regardless of who is president.

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U.S. Needs a ‘Really, Really Big’ Relief Package to Keep Its Economy Afloat, Says Paul Krugman

The U.S. may need several hundred billion dollars a month in “disaster relief,” Nobel prize-winning economist Paul Krugman said.

Fed Wants Low Profile but May Repeat That the Economy Needs Stimulus

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell is likely to reiterate the need for fiscal stimulus to help the economy recover.

BOJ Boosts JGBs Bond Buying on Thursday

The Bank of Japan (BOJ) ramped up its Japanese Government Bond (JGB) purchases in 1-3 years maturities by JPY500 billion vs. JPY420 billion previous, in its routine daily operation.

ECB’s Lagarde Promised Big Bazooka in December Amid Lockdown 2.0

…A visible upset Lagarde pointed out the ECB will never be out of tools because of its unique ‘innovation’; it can create new tools and recalibrate existing tools.

Bank of England Boosts Bond Buying of $1.2 Trillion as New Coronavirus Lockdown Begins

Along with maintaining its main lending rate at 0.1%, the Bank of England’s (BOE) Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) also voted to expand its target stock of asset purchases to £895 billion ($1.2 trillion).


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