We need to cleanse our institutions of this oikophobic bigotry.

SHOT: Democrats Still Need Rural Voters To Defeat Trump.

Chaser: Keith Olbermann calls open season on the rural South.

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Making fun of people who hunt or are from the South seems to be something perfectly normal for someone like Olbermann, a millionaire who makes his living peddling contempt.

“It’s rare and beautiful so me should kill it,” Olbermann wrote mockingly. Olbermann clearly believes people who are both hunters and from Mississippi are so dumb they speak like a Hollywood cave man.

So Olbermann begins the tweet reinforcing the pop-culture brand of the elite that hunters and people from the South are slow and or stupid. He then goes on to show his ignorance of both hunting and journalism, wanting the reporter fired for doing his job.

Broom’s job as an outdoor reporter, which he has done for nearly 30 years, has given him the equivalent of a biology degree, “In the reporting you deal with diseases. You deal with ecology, which is a very complicated area. You deal with a lot of things that require a lot of working knowledge about not just game animals, but how the entire ecosystem works,” he said.

And so do hunters.

So why does Olbermann get away with making bigoted stereotypes of hunters and reporters from Mississippi and threaten them on social media? Why are ESPN and Twitter fine with that? Probably because the people who sit in the boardrooms of ESPN and Twitter think Olbermann’s assessment of Mississippians is basically true.

This contempt of our larger institutions towards the people in the middle of our country is a dangerous illness, and Olbermann is a living symptom of it.

We need to cleanse our institutions of this oikophobic bigotry.


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