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by John Ward

There are two inescapable truisms in relation to modern history: nothing but nothing destroys social glue and civilised cultural behaviour like hyperinflation. And when it happens in Germany, it dictates the future for anything up to and exceeding three quarters of a century.

Below I offer a considered update of events in the UK and EUNATO…the main theme being the largely irrelevant nature of the former, and the determination of mad people to use the latter as a stepping stone to the New Normal New World Order New Labour Good Health Bad Climate Very Happy Zero Liberty Globalist Interactive Virtual Monopoly Board available from a Games retailer close to you.

But first, we really do need to talk about Deutschland……über alles.

In the flurry of bewildering carnage taking place among the NWO collaborators at the moment, the central importance of German angst has somehow been overlooked. This is how even the ever-compliant OECD sums it up:

‘Rising inflation is reducing household purchasing power, damping the rebound of private consumption. Investor and consumer confidence have collapsed and supply chain bottlenecks have worsened, postponing the recovery of industrial production and exports towards the end of 2022′.

And that’s before we get to the appalling reality of German dependence on Russian energy. When the demonisation of Putin began some months back, I wrote on April 4th last:

‘Now that Putin has come back to bite the hand that needs him, does EUNATO have a Plan B on Ukraine and chronic energy inflation?….Putin will get the blame – but the blame here lies with American Secret State hegemonists who now find themselves outwitted by a geopolitical class chess-player several leagues above them….The situation for Germany is considerably more serious, thanks to Merkel’s bonkers commitments to the Green Party. Only 12% of German electricity is nuclear generated – Germany is in fact more dependent on wind, that most capricious of all things meteorological. In short, EUNATO spectacularly failed (before poking its nose into the Russian energy nest) to establish whether it was bringing pressure to bear on Moscow…or the other way round’.

Do not – I beg of you – think of me as an outstandly clever bloke. Think on this instead: a 74 year old somewhat debauched old Brit pottering about in Aquitaine and on the verge of leaving French State fascism behind appears to know more than the entire NWO phalanx of psychos about what the effects of EUNATO sanctioning are likely to be.

That clearly isn’t true either. I’m really only a northern Englishman with common sense who is forced to reach the conclusion that horrendous global disaster is exactly what they have set out to produce.

You see, desperate times call for desperate measures….don’t they? So stand by for desperate measures via which we all lose everything but are ever so jolly happy.

Zoltan Ban at the site Seeking Alpha commented as follows two days ago:

‘Germany’s first monthly trade deficit since 1991 signals a worsening of the situation….The EU is gradually emerging as the obvious loser in the economic war with Russia. It faces decades of energy insecurity and the loss of the Russian market’

See also  MEP Christine Anderson: If You Want to Know How 1930s Germany Happened, Just Look at the Past 3 Years

Maybe you did read read it here first. But many other equally aware commentators knew all along where this would lead: war against Russia as a diabolical global influence, and the assurance of Neoliberal CIA/Davos hegemony.

But irrelevant and parochial or not, it is important for everyone to know that, if Liz Truss were to be elected Tory leader, she would back such a policy to the hilt.

And so we return to Cruel Britannia.

For those suffering Time Starvation, this is what happened: Rishi and Savid staged an NWO coup against no-longer-required-on-voyage Boris the Spider, and then it was agreed Savid would stand aside so as not to split the New Normal dusky Imperial vote.


But anyway – there was Dishy Rishi out there in front with 88 votes as we all expected. But my oh my, Penny Mordaunt in second place enjoying the enthusiastic support of libertarian David Davis. Would this raise the hopes of the 1in8? Not really: Googling her contacts during three years as a Minister of State unveils a litter of connections to the World Bank, the IMF, Davos, the World Health Organisation and all the usual suspects. Then Lord Frost came out with an excoriating soundbite in the same vein.

While it had given The Slog great pleasure to see Liz Truss pushed back into third place, this drove Ms Dross to arrange a media love-in plus close allies chest knifing of Sunak to put her back into pole position. She is going to be there or thereabouts at the end of it. And although I had been well pleased to see Tugendhat, Zahawi & Hunt reduced to no-hopers this time around, this could easily change as the slide into economic, fiscal and military disaster we face rapidly becomes more impossible to deny.

In that context, Westminster politics look increasingly like deckchair rearrangement on the Titanic…with insane hopes being raised as an airlift rescue by the Hindenburg hoves into view.

Since the junking of Johnson, however, the tumbril taking wannabe Zil Laners to the Dystopian Guillotine has become considerably more inclusive. In the US now, it’s open season on the Biden Family, in France Macron has seen his links to ‘foreign’ globalists (and involvement in ballot rigging) become subjects for open media discussion, the ghastly Dutch cheese Rutte has been trapped by farmers in the Netherlands, and – shock of all horrors – the rubber-spined Guardian feels able to say that the end is nigh for Mario Dragula, given that (quote) ‘the Italian citizenry absolutely refuses to accept his WEF agenda….Bravo Italy – we stand with you’.

Well my little Guardianistas, I don’t remember you standing under my Standard when things were looking bleak for the 1in8, but there you go. Forgive and forget and all that.

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Poet’s Corner or Cornered Doggerel

An old ghetto traitor called Soros

(meeting King Schwab of Switzerland’s Davos)

See also  Germany, Europe's largest economy with a center-left green-liberal government, officially enters recession. Who is next?

said “Young man let me explain one topic:

if you want to reach goals

keep on killing the proles –

and then you’ll be called philanthropic”.

“CNN is a good place to start

They’ll promote each vainglorious fart

with the knack of appearing quite gormless.

Then you’ll get to meet Gates,

Elon Musk and his mates

and see that you’re really quite harmless”.

Yesterday here in France was Le Quatorze – the celebration of large numbers of Parisian misérables devoid of underwear on July 14th 1789 storming the infamous prison of Bastille….only to discover that the biscuits in charge of France at the time (the Bourbons) had set all the political prisoners free at some earlier point.

The purpose of the revolt was to set in motion a Utopia of Liberty, Equality and mutual citizen companionship. The third of those laudable aims survives in the agricultural sector of present day France, although the Roi Garçon Macron is working hard to obliterate it. Still, 0.5 out of three isn’t bad as revolutions go: it’s way ahead of 1776 in America, 1917 in Russia, 1933 in Germany, 1959 in Cuba and 2007 in the EU.

Er, hang on….France is in the EU.

The Wednesday edition of popular tabloid La Dépêche took a long, hard look at the 6.7% rate of inflation in France (based on my personal audit, it’s more like 11%) and offered the somewhat cavalier advice that “We shall just have to adapt”. Mysteriously, it didn’t offer much in the way advice as to how, in a 3-dimensional physical Universe, adaptation might not involve starvation.

It did not, for example, ask when any bank anywhere in the First World is likely to raise savings rates to 7% in order to retain the value of the citizenry’s money. Such a rates trend would land the Fed Reserve, Frankfurt and 90% of South American Sovereigns in irrefutable default in a matter of minutes….and obviously, we can’t have that.

The arrival of the 14th July coincided with the worst heatwave down here for many years. Just when I was beginning to suspect that my personal dementia was accelerating at an exponential rate, a quick email/phone informal survey of buddies revealed that it isn’t just me. 44°C is more than enough for all reasonable, informed thought to come to an end, if only because the research required to inform oneself feels like an impossible task akin to scaling the Matterhorn armed only with a Singer sewing machine.

All of the foregoing is an attempt to rationalise the perhaps random nature of this post.

John Ward is sitting in a bowl of sweat Somewhere In Aquitaine – observing as he has for some years the French propensity to keep spending more and more public money without giving the slightest attention to what the consequences of that might be. Disturbingly, this tendency has now collided with the ascension of Boy King Macron and his pretensions to become the Bourbon Majesty of the Known Universe.*

*See earlier in this post for how those envies are going horribly wrong.



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