We Now Have a TIMELINE for the Steele Dossier, and how it was Leaked!

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Ali Watkins worked for Buzzfeed as the National Security Reporter from Nov 2015 to May 2017. During this time, the Russian Dossier was released. You can check her linkedin for this information.

Here is how the information flowed:

Dossier paid for with campaign funds from the clinton campaign and DNC.


Information then handed off to McCain through two people, Brose and Kramer.


Info on Brose:


Info on Kramer:


From there, it was sent to Comey (we know this) but also leaked to Buzzfeed.

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How was it leaked to Buzzfeed?

Well, McCain was the Ex Officio of the Senate Intelligence Committee at that time. 17 days in, in fact. Along with Reed, Schumer, and McConnell. This is not a standard position that any of them take.

Wolfe worked in the Senate Intelligence Committee at that time.

Watkins worked at Buzzfeed when the leak happened.

I believe the following flow of information occurred:

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Hillary Clinton Campaign and DNC —-pays—> Marc Ellias (Perkins Coie) —retains—> Fusion GPS —hires—> Christopher Steele —provides dossier —> John McCain (ex officio, Sen. Intel. Comm. 2017) —dossier—> James Wolfe (security head, Sen. Intel. Comm. 2017) —fucking–> Ali Watkins —works for –> Buzzfeed —publishes—> Your Eyes

Remember, this is the same thot that said in a New York Times article that, “There is no such thing as a DEEP STATE!”


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