We should all take a deep look at anyone laying claim to the position of arbiter or morality.

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The moral beacon of America, David Hogg defends Scot Peterson
From a Washington Times article
Hogg is setting himself up as the moral arbiter of the gun control debate. He is defending the officer who refused to do his job and subsequently made the Parkland tragedy worse. While Hogg demonizes people not directly involved in any way with the events at his school he refuses to acknowledge the cowardice and guilt of the very people who refused to do their job in addressing the tragedy. Anyone defending Hogg would should think long and deep about his words regarding Peterson

“just like every other police officer out there at heart — is a good person.”.

I thought this kid could not get any more sanctimonious while grandstanding on the deaths of his classmates. But I guess I was wrong.
If I were a parent who lost a kid there I wouldn’t be too pleased if I ever ran into him as Hogg is defending the same people who refused to act, even though it was their job.
Just as a reminder Peterson collected a salary of around $80,000 for letting children die and he Thinks he did a good job and will now collect a blood-pension for his “good works” of calling the situation in while refusing to do the job we was trained for.
In closing. Is the ghoulish grandstanding of Hogg and defense of the indefensible enough for people to question the media giving him status as ethical beacon. Or do we give him a pass because he is a child?

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