We shut down the entire world for this?

by Jim Quinn

This data is directly from the CDC. This proves how NON-LETHAL this fucking flu is even to those in the 75 to 84 group (less than 5% if you get it). If you are over 85 and already suffering from illnesses that will kill you shortly, this flu might give you the nudge, especially if Cuomo, Wolf, Murphy, or Whitmer was your governor.

Not only does this data prove how minor this fucking flu has been, it is still wildly skewed to be more negative than reality. In reality millions more had this flu and didn’t know it or get it diagnosed. And it is an absolute fact hospitals have classified every freaking death they possibly can as Covid to suck money from the Fed government teat. Less than a third of those deaths were actually FROM Covid.

We shut down the entire fucking world for this?????

If you don’t think there is another agenda at play behind this plandemic, you are nothing but an obedient, non-thinking sheep who deserves to be sheared and slaughtered.



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