WEF Planning Documents Exposed– The New World Order Is Here

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The 50th meeting of the Forum is titled, The Great Reset, which in itself strongly suggests they intend to be world planners. They have thousands of leaders and thousands of infiltrators in governments throughout the world.

Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and his deputy Christa Freeland are deeply involved in the principles of global cooperation. It’s more than that. Canada appears to be the trial run for the new ideology. It could explain the Trudeau administration’s bizarre and extreme authoritarian reaction to the trucker convoy.

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Rebel News contends that the World Economic Forum has a script that Canada is following to “build back better.” The excerpts below – pointed out by the Rebel News narrator – demonstrate how they align with the script that Trudeau is following. The clip has more insight.

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You’ll recognize the terms and the goals:
“The fourth meeting is intended to finalize and agree upon a set of principles for global cooperation created by the WEF and further developed at previous meetings: (1) strengthen global cooperation; (2) re-globalize equitably; (3) rebuild sustainability; (4) deepen public-private partnerships; (5) increase global resilience; (6) promote peace and security; and (7) promote gender equality.”

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Here’s a swipe at Donald Trump who is not cooperative with the NWO:
“Further deterioration of US-China relations has impacted the nature and scope of international cooperation, including, among others, within the G20, the UN Security Council, and the World Health Organization (WHO).



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