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Some kids have 180k in school loan debt?
Can’t find a job
At home with Mom and Dad

Created by the Hennepin County Bar Association’s New Lawyers Section and StoryBoard Films. During 2014-2015, the New Lawyers Section wanted to explore how the level of student loan debt carried by attorneys was impacting their lives–both personally and professionally. As part of the HCBA’s 2015 Membership Survey, a number of questions dealing with the topic of law school debt were included in order to gather information from local new lawyers about this issue. After seeing the results of the survey, the section wanted to share these findings in an meaningful way to create greater awareness among the bar about: The current state and extent of law school debt among new lawyers, and to show its impact on the legal community and profession, overall.
We hope the video above is a conversation starter among all attorneys–from the newest to the most senior–about how the cost of law school is affecting this generation of lawyers and will continue to impact the future of the profession. After watching this video, we hope you will discuss the issues presented with your colleagues and coworkers. How do you think the legal community should address this issue?
The New Lawyers Section plans to continue examining this topic during the 2015-16 bar year, and hopes to create additional resources to address this issue.
More information at: www.hcba.org/?page=NewLawyersDebt
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