Welcome to the New Economy: Target Stock Drops 25% In a Day

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by Chris Black

It’s good that adults are back in charge. 

Welcome to Biden’s economy:

Maybe making 60-90% gross margin on discretionary products isn’t a valid business model after all.

See also  Larry Fink filed with the SEC to sell $25M of Blackrock stock. This is not normal. Is Blackrock about to collapse?

What, you didn’t know that clothing is an 80-90 point category? Toys and sporting goods is 55-70 points. Target and Walmart pay $3.80-4.25 for a $10 retail item. They can afford to cut their margins in half. 

People are always shocked at clearance prices when they see 70% off. 

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Guess what? The store is still making money. 

See also  China is trying to protect its economy from sanctions.

What is killing retail is that the distributors can’t make money anymore. The bigger ones like Hasbro are still making double their money, by passing on massive price increases. 

A toy that was $10 ten years ago is now $25. The manufacturing cost didn’t go up 2.5x. 

The retailers could sell the products for a lot less and give consumers a break.

 But they refuse to because their inflated share prices are predicated on those expansive margins.


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