Welcome to the NWO… My Vision Of What It Will Look Like…

by NoCap

Imagine living in a world. That is completely monitored and controlled to the point that even going to the beach is controlled. This may soon be the reality.

See, the elites have had a long-term goal of enslaving humanity while so-called saving the planet.

Earth’s population in the 1900s was at 2 billion people. But since then until now an additional 6 billion was added to the planet, and an additional 2 billion will be added in the next 30 years. THIS CAN NOT CONTINUE! Births and deaths are totally out of balance. 5G and vaccines will place a major role in the next few yrs in solving that problem.

What we are now witnessing is the transferring of humanity from the old world order into the new world order system. The entire global financial system with paper currency will collapse and be a thing of the past. All debts will be wiped clean, credit cards, loans, auto payments, etc. A new threat will be giving probably in the months leading to the midterms elections that will require a total lockdown. Governments around the world will start to issue digital currency in the form of universal stimulus to each individual and household. This will get everyone familiar with and the use of crypto. You will no longer be able to go to the ATM and withdraw physical money. All your purchases will be tracked and logged in the central database run by the IMF. Any money made from work or labor. Taxes will automatically be taken from your digital dollar account. You will no longer be able to move or hide money without their knowledge.

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The 85%+ of the human police force will be removed and replaced with over 5 million patrol bots that have been on order. These bots will not hesitate to detain and/or kill you with the violation of any curfews or lockdowns. The elites feel if you can’t obey their orders then there is no need for you in their new system of government.

Gas and food prices are being increased because they are planning on bringing back cash for clunkers programs. Gas prices will force most to trade in the cars and trucks for electric ones at deep discounts. Don’t worry about enough charging stations. You will charge at home or in your communities. Domestic travel will be limited. You will be able to drive to work, church, doctor, stores, etc, and back home. Got a dui? They will shut your car down. Owe fines and behind on bills? They will shut your car down. Vacationing and visiting families in our parts of the country or world will be done thru Metaverse glasses and technology. So you want to go to the beach? Well put on your metaverse goggles and enjoy the ocean. A Veggie lifestyle will be chosen for eating. As animals will be given domain to roam freely in certain areas of the country and world. Their population will be controlled as well.

In between the implementation of the above outline, the population will be reduced by 90%+ as they can’t control and don’t need 8 billion people in the new world system.

Above is a short summary of the vision that was spiritual given to me. Is this the world that you want to live in? Well, this is what the NWO will be let. You will own nothing and be happy. You will work, be monitored and told what you can and can’t do, and taxed for everything including breathing air.



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