WELL, PAYING PEOPLE TO BE UNEMPLOYED CERTAINLY GOT RESULTS: New coronavirus stimulus plan would pay you $1,200 to go to work.

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  • The coronavirus pandemic is still ongoing in the US, the health-related toll from which is continuing to climb even as it continues to exact a terrible cost to the US economy.
  • Congress is continuing to debate new proposals that could include the possibility of another round of coronavirus stimulus checks.
  • One Republican lawmaker has come up with a new idea that would pay people $1,200 to return to work.

Not that anyone needs a reminder, but for all practical purposes there are pretty much just two news stories that matter in the US right now. One of them is the social unrest taking place around the country related to the protests inspired by George Floyd, excessive use of force by police and the Black Lives Matter movement. The other, in case you forgot, is the coronavirus pandemic and all of the forces, response, and storylines stemming from it — including the government response to the virus that, to date, has infected more than 1.8 million people in the US and resulted in more than 105,000 reported deaths here. That’s according to the latest data from Johns Hopkins University.

There continues to be chatter, proposals floated, and a general sense that Congress should do something as it relates to a follow-up coronavirus stimulus package. A new report from the Congressional Budget Office Monday gave some new urgency to this, predicting that the coronavirus will erase almost $8 trillion from the US economy over the next decade. Accordingly, yet another new stimulus proposal has emerged that would offer people another $1,200 — but there’s a catch.



Could someone remind the GOP that it will never win a “free sh*t) contest with the Dems.



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